PokerStars announces further rake increases

Yesterday, PokerStars has released a statement on their blog outlining changes which will soon come into effect. When you cut through opening few sentences and get down to what the statement is really about, it quickly becomes clear that players will be hit with another rake increase. Since the takeover of Amaya back in 2014, players at PokerStars have had to deal with numerous changes, and few of them have been positive in the eyes of most players.

Almost exactly two years ago we already saw an increase in rake in Cash Games, but this one is more specifically aimed at lower stakes tourneys.

PokerStars Lobby
PokerStars Lobby

This change will come into effect on the 26th and March and will impact any MTT with a buy in below $20, aside from ‘Time Tournaments’ for which rake will decrease. The rake increases are not the only controversial changes to have been brought about by Amaya. The company have also made drastic changes to the rewards system on PokerStars, much to the annoyance of regular players who had earned Supernova or Supernova Elite status.

Many of the changes on PokerStars have come with an attempted explanation about how the changes will be positive for certain players or for all players in the long run, but these views have always been difficult for PokerStars to sell. Except of course to their ambassador in chief, Daniel Negreanu who has always been happy to uphold the company position that higher rake is better for players.

Partypoker increases weekly guarantees

partypoker power series pro
partypoker powerseries

With each new change that is made over at PokerStars, one seems to be being made at partypoker. The nearest competitor to PokerStars has been pushing up its guarantees, leading to overlays in certain tournaments – which is essentially giving free money away to players while PokerStars seemingly takes the opposite line. ‘Power Series’ tournaments at partypoker are now guaranteeing $10 million each week instead of the previous $4 million, as they look to maximise the number of new customers they welcome into their room as the PokerStars rake increases take effect.

Monster Series 2 announced

In addition to their improved Power Series schedule, partypoker is also launching ‘Monster Series 2’. This series will kick off on April 29th and will offer a new structure of low, medium and high buy in tournaments throughout the series. This equates to 123 separate tournaments taking place. There will also be a mixture of regular, fast and turbo blind structures on offer, ensuring that players have plenty of choice. The total guarantees for Monster Series 2 are set at $2.7 million.

Article By Craig Bradshaw