PokerBros: Improving, Growing, Adapting – Last Year with GIB

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The Game Integrity BROS are PokerBROS team of poker and security experts who combine years of experience in the field with ever-developing technology to keep one step ahead of online cheats and bots. Their dedication to fairness and keen eye for detail help make the PokerBROS app exceptional in the field of game integrity.

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Over the last 12 months, GIB have refined their custom dashboard and Live Alerts Engine to keep an ever more effective watch over the tables, “scanning all games in real time and flagging up incidents”.  This streamlining and automation of processes has improved their proactive detection rate from a respectable 75% a year ago to a phenomenal 97-98% today. 

The number of accounts engaging in botting and other types of violations has gone down,” the team reports, “As we have managed to make the games so much cleaner and keep returning fraudsters away.” With such an efficient security team, bot operators and other cheats are starting to be deterred before even trying to get a foothold. 

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GIB’s plans for the next year – although the detail is understandably hush-hush – include a constant review and adaptation of their tech tools: “We plan to keep on releasing new alerts and more sophisticated algorithms to be prepared against potential new fraud trends.

The entire team’s passion for game integrity and constant striving to improve are what sets them apart.  They are justifiably proud to claim that, “PokerBROS is certainly one of the safest, if not the safest poker app in the world.  We plan to keep it this way.

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