Poker Dream Vietnam: Zong Chi He, Sin-Ren Chen, Yeu Wei Hsiang, Jason Lau, Chunharas Tossapat lift trophies


Celebrations all day and night at the inaugural Poker Dream Vietnam with Day 4 seeing five players lift trophies at the Grand Hall of Hoiana Hotel & Suites. The newly minted were Taiwanese players Zong Chi He, Sin-Ren Chen, Malaysians Yeu Wei Hsiang, Jason Wai Kit Lau, and just before sunrise, Chunharas Tossapat from Thailand to bring the country its first trophy of the series. Let’s have a look at the winners.

ZONG CHI HE and SIN-REN CHEN bring Taiwan two trophies

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A large group of players from Taiwan have been heating up the felt for the past few days and on Day 4, two of their own went the distance. The first champion was well known local pro Zong Chi He who topped the Megastack to capture his first win outside of home soil. In fact, the victory for Taiwan was guaranteed after Zong eliminated Korea’s Oh Junseok to face fellow countryman Fu Bang Huang  at heads up. Zong’s mighty stack could not be cracked to earn the title and the ₫765,220,000 (~$31,750) winner’s purse. You can read up on his victory via the Live Updates or read on below for the summary. 

The Megastack was the second event on the menu that offered a guarantee, featuring a juicy ₫2,000,000,000 to entice the crowd. With 296 turning up, the prize pool swelled to ₫3,876,120,000 (~$160,600) with 46 taking cuts on the final day.

Buy in: ₫15,000,000 (~$621)
Guarantee: ₫2,000,000,000 (~$82,867)
Entries: 296
Prize pool: ₫3,876,120,000 (~$160,600)
ITM: 46 players

Leading up to the final table, overall chip leader Indian pro / WSOP bracelet holder Abhinav Iyer bested half the field, falling in 23rd place; second ranked Wu Jun Hao met his end in 35th place on a crushing set over set against eventual runner up Fu Bang Huang; and Day 1B chip leader Jose Colada ran into pocket Kings to depart in 14th place. The final table was formed when Taiwan’s Yi Wei Peng pushed on a King-high flop with top pair that ran into Zong’s set of Sevens.

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This boost in chips kickstarted Zong’s domination. Within the first fifteen minutes, he went head to head against Vietnam’s Vu Thai Bao in what would be the biggest pot of the day. Zong’s AdKd two pair crushed Bao’s AcQs top pair to ship a massive double up. From there, he remained up top further growing by eliminating Phu Quoc Minh (9th), Rungrot Nuannoi (4th), Oh Junseok (3rd), then Huang at heads up with AhQs over KdQd.

Final table payouts

1st Zong Chi He Taiwan ₫765,220,000
2nd Fu Bang Huang Taiwan ₫485,000,000
3rd Oh Junseok Korea ₫363,000,000
4th Rungrot Nuannoi Thailand ₫293,000,000
5th Hwang Seong Il Korea ₫229,500,000
6th Shyh Chyn Lim Malaysia ₫175,300,000
7th Vu Thai Bao Vietnam ₫128,700,000
8th Nguyen Manh Trung Vietnam ₫94,600,000
9th Phung Quoc Minh Vietnam ₫77,600,000

View the full payouts in the Live Updates 

Sin Ren Chen

The other Taiwan victory was witnessed at the Pot Limit Omaha Turbo event where Sin-Ren Chen defeated Hong Kong’s Devan Tang at heads up. Before doing so, he denied Prommin Talordpong in 3rd place with 9s5hKc8s full house over KsJd7h3h two pair on a board 2sJs9c9d5c. Facing Tang at heads up, Chen 3-bet pushed with Ks10sQc6c and Tang called for his tournament life with Ac2c6h3d. Both players hit the flop with one spade for a backdoor flush. The next two were runner runner spades to complete it and award Chen the trophy.

Also putting up good results were Korea’s Lee Haerok and Filipino Jason Kyle Magbanua. Both players reaching their second final table.

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$248)
Entries: 47
Prize pool: ₫246,200,000 (~$10,200)
ITM: 6 places

1st Sin-Ren Chen Taiwan ₫83,800,000
2nd Devan Tang Hong Kong ₫57,900,000
3rd Prommin Talordpong Thailand ₫37,000,000
4th Lee Haerok Korea ₫28,000,000
5th Ngo Anh Quan Vietnam ₫22,200,000
6th Jason Kyle Magbanua Philippines ₫17,300,000

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Short Deckers YEU WEI HSIANG and JASON WAI KIT LAU capture two for Malaysia

Malaysians dominated the first two Short Deck events. The larger pot was at the two-day Short Deck HR where 46 ponied up the ₫120,000,000 (~$4,970) buy in to build a sizable ₫5,139,120,000 (~$212,930) prize pool. Among the title-hunters was Malaysia’s Kok Wai Sim who carried a massive chip lead into the final day. Impressively, this was Kok’s second final table having finished 8th at the High Roller Freezeout.

DSC 4680
Yeu Wei Hsiang

After nearly ten hours of brutal swings, Yeu Wei Hsiang slayed it to capture his first ever poker title and the cool ₫1,747,120,000 (~$72,390) first prize. Amid a big crowd of fans and onlookers, Yeu entered heads up with a monstrous lead against Hong Kong’s Co Chung Chuen which was never cracked. The final showdown saw a flop 9h8c7d, Co was all in with Jd8d that was behind Yeu’s 10h9c. The turn Qd and river Ah wrapped it up. As for Co, despite the loss, it was yet another strong finish having placed 3rd at the earlier Short Deck HR event. Relive the action via the livestream in the Poker Dream facebook page.

Buy in: ₫120,000,000 (~$4,970)
Entries: 46
Prize pool: ₫5,139,120,000 (~US$ 212,930)
ITM: 6 places

1st Yeu Wei Hsiang Malaysia ₫1,747,120,000
2nd Co Chung Chuen Hong Kong ₫1,207,700,000
3rd Kong Chen Ming Malaysia ₫770,900,000
4th Danny Tang Hong Kong ₫591,000,000
5th Jun Wah Yap Malaysia ₫462,600,000
6th Kok Wai Sim Malaysia ₫359,800,000


Jason Wai Kit Lau

The first champion for the country was Jason Wai Kit Lau at the lower buy in Short Deck event. Once again Malaysians dominated with four seated at the final table. At four handed, an ICM deal was struck guaranteeing Lau the second largest payout and eventual runner up Nguyen Kinh Huyen the biggest amount. The four players played on for the trophy and the extra ₫200,000 on the side. Within minutes, Wai Cheong Wong shoved his AhQh that hit the nuts straight on a flop 10sJcKd, but the next two cards were a Js and Qs for a victorious flush to Nguyen As8s. Next to go was Tam Lon Tek who went on a rush to rise from shortest stack to chip leader however successive showdown double ups paid to Nguyen and Lau sent him packing in 3rd place with Lau collecting the rest of his chips. Heads up lasted only three minutes. Lau’s AcKh dominated Nguyen’s QcJc throughout.

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$248)
Entries: 57
Prize pool: ₫298,566,000 (~US$ 12,370)
ITM: 8 places

1st Jason Wai Kit Lau Malaysia ₫59,300,000*
2nd Nguyen Kinh Huyen Vietnam ₫60,700,000*
3rd Tam Lon Tek Malaysia ₫51,220,000*
4th Wai Cheong Wong Malaysia ₫56,600,000*
5th Cao Minh Thai Bao Vietnam ₫24,500,000
6th Satoshi Kuriag Japan ₫19,100,000
7th Phachara Wongwichit Thailand ₫15,300,000
8th Jen Yong Wong Malaysia ₫11,900,000

*Four way ICM deal 

Thailand’s CHUNHARAS TOSSAPAT takes down the High Roller Single Day

DSC 4812
Chunharas Tossapat

The High Roller Single Day wrapped up just before the morning light, running for nearly 15 hours. In the end, Thailand was assured its first win with Phachara Wongwichit and Chunharas Tossapat meeting at heads up. Despite Wongwichit’s long list of achievements, this one was not his to bring home as Tossapat gripped tight on his massive stack to earn his first known live poker victory. You can relive the final table race via the livestream on the Poker Dream facebook page.


On the final hand, the desperate Wongwichit pushed with Qc4d but it was no match for Tossapat’s AcKs. Tossapat shipped the coveted ₫1,869,000,000 (~$77,440) first prize and the brand’s custom designed dragon trophy. As for Wongwichit, this was his second final table. Malaysia’s Jun Wah Yap also needs acknowledgment having reached the finals in back to back events. He finished 5th at the earlier Short Deck HR then 8th in this event.

Buy in: ₫100,000,000 (~$4,140)
Entries: 73
Prize pool: ₫6,796,300,000 (~$281,595)
ITM: 11 places


1st Chunharas Tossapat Thailand ₫1,869,000,000
2nd Phachara Wongwichit Thailand ₫1,328,700,000
3rd Wayne Heung Hong Kong ₫869,400,000
4th Ewe Eng Soon Malaysia ₫669,500,000
5th Hyun Soong Joo Korea, South ₫530,200,000
6th Kannapong Thanarattrakul Thailand ₫414,600,000
7th Siow Choon Tong Malaysia ₫326,300,000
8th Jun Wah Yap Malaysia ₫254,900,000
9th Benjamin Sai Singapore ₫193,700,000
10th Jimmy Guerrero France ₫170,000,000
11th Thanisorn Sealor Thailand ₫170,000,000


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