Poker Dream Vietnam: Vincent Li, Dang Thanh Luong, Gi Young Jin, Ryan Yum, Jonathan Looi win trophies


We’ve now had time to catch up with the side events. On Day 6 of the inaugural Poker Dream Vietnam, just before daylight, Hong Kong’s Vincent Li and Korea’s Gi Young Jin lifted trophies. The following day, the Deepstack resumed with Vietnam’s Dang Thanh Luong overcoming a deficit at heads up to clinch it. Well past the midnight hour, Ryan Mingho Yum topped the third version of the Short Deck High Roller, and two hours later, at 4am, Malaysia’s Jonathan Looi held his head high at the KO Bounty. We’ve got those results for you down below.

VINCENT LI takes down the High Roller Single Day for 1,971,000,000 (~$80,350)

While the Super High Roller was busy hunting down its victor, another high tier event kept the pros busy. The High Roller Single Day with a buy in of ₫100,000,000 (~$4,050) kicked off at 3pm and by close of registration 77 signed up, which was four more than its earlier version. This added another hefty prize pool of ₫7,168,700,000 (~$292,240) to the festival’s overall numbers. 11 players got paid with Hong Kong’s Vincent Li seizing the biggest cut for his victory. Li also lifted the brand’s custom designed silver dragon trophy, making him the second champion from Hong Kong. 

The win was Li’s largest in Asia and second best of his career following his 2018 victory at The Wynn Summer Classic in Las Vegas.

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Vincent Li Kwun Ngai

The event ran a grueling fourteen hours before wrapping up at 5am. On the tenth hour, Le Huy Thanh delivered the bubble with a rivered flush over Ace-high then raced up to the final three with fellow countryman Tran Huy Hoang to give Vietnam the trophy advantage. However, the massive stacked Li denied them that reality. Li cleaned out Le with a straight then did the same to Tran with 3s3h against Qd6h on a final board 7d10d2dKs7s.

Buy in: ₫100,000,000 (~$4,050)
Entries: 77
Prize pool: ₫7,168,700,000 (~$292,240)
ITM: 11 places


1st Vincent Kwun Ngai Li Hong Kong 1,971,000,000
2nd Tran Huy Hoang Vietnam 1,401,000,000
3rd Le Huy Thanh Vietnam 917,000,000
4th Wai Kiat Lee Malaysia 706,000,000
5th Wu Jun Hao Singapore 559,000,000
6th Hyun Sung Joo Korea 437,000,000
7th Victor Chong Malaysia 344,000,000
8th Kannapong Thanarattrakul Thailand 268,700,000
9th Chin Wei Lim Malaysia 205,000,000
10th Yohwan Lim Korea 180,000,000
11th Shardul Parthasarathi India 180,000,000

Third trophy for Korea as GI YOUNG JIN wins the NLH Turbo

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Gi Young Jin

Another event finishing up very late was the NLH Turbo with KMGM player Gi Young Jin rising victorious to give Korea its third trophy. Jin defeated Hong Kong’s Kevin Choi at heads up with dominated hole cards Kc9s finding a pair on a board Jd3s3c9hJh to overtake and beat Ah6d. Jin earned his first career title and trophy along with the 115,000,000 (~$4,690) top prize. Jin. Also needing mention is 5th placer Hwang Seong Il who reached his second final table having also placed 5th at the Megastack.

Buy in: ₫6,000,000 (~$245)
Entries: 80
Prize pool: ₫419,040,000 (~$17,080)
ITM: 11 places


1st Jin Young Gi Korea 115,000,000
2nd Kevin Yun Lam Choi Hong Kong 82,000,000
3rd Yong Wai Keong Malaysia 53,440,000
4th Koh Hsien Ren Malaysia 41,300,000
5th Hwang Seong Il Korea 32,700,000
6th Tan Zi Xuan Malaysia 25,600,000
7th Chun Kit Leung Hong Kong 20,200,000
8th Park Soorin Korea 15,800,000
9th Akanit Rachan Thailand 12,000,000
10th Nguyen Huu Manh Vietnam 10,500,000
11th Woo Young Il Vietnam 10,500,000

DANG THANH LUONG takes down the Deepstack for 379,180,000

DSC 5550
Dang Thanh Luong

Cheers heard around the room as Vietnam celebrated its newest champion, Dang Thanh Luong, at the Deepstack event. Dang bested a field of 206 entries to snatch the 379,180,000 (~$15,450) first prize and his first international title and trophy. Watch the Final 6 recorded action via the Poker Dream social media channels or read on for the brief recap.

DSC 5414

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The event reached the final table four hours into Day 2. Among them was Mystery Bounty champion Kunal Patni who was looking to be the first player win two titles. However it was not to be as Patni was bumped in 9th place. As the rest raced to the top, it was Dang Thanh Luong and Changhwan Lee commanding the table that it was no surprise to see them go head to head for the trophy.

DSC 5537

Action opened with Luong ahead in the count but after just 30 minutes of play, the stacks switched with Lee losing chips on a bluff and on a failed hero call with bottom pair. Down to his last 10 BB, Lee took a final stand with QcJd that was dominated by Dang’s Kd10d. The board favored the better cards running 4c3d3s4d9d for the flush.

Buy in: ₫10,000,000 (~$400)
Entries: 206
Prize pool: ₫1,798,380,000
ITM: 31 places


1st Dang Thanh Luong Vietnam 379,180,000
2nd Changwon Lee Korea 255,100,000
3rd Conrad Lumaban Philippines 180,600,000
4th Kevin Ang Kar Wai Malaysia 146,400,000
5th Kong Seongsu Korea 115,900,000
6th Nguyen Van Xuan Vietnam 88,000,000
7th Nguyen The Anh Vietnam 64,300,000
8th Ho Chung Yi Taiwan 47,000,000
9th Kunal Patni India 38,900,000
10th Cao Ngoc Anh Vietnam 33,000,000
11th Song Jin Su Korea 33,000,000
12th Kim Beabsu Korea 29,400,000
13th Ha Van Thien Vietnam 29,400,000
14th Philippe Bernard Culot France 26,700,000
15th Teng Kah Yew Malaysia 26,700,000
16th Hwang Jaeseong Korea 24,000,000
17th Nguyen Duc Hoa Vietnam 24,000,000
18th Chi Chung Ho Hong Kong 21,300,000
19th Nguyen Van Men Vietnam 21,300,000
20th Yoon Jiwon Korea 21,300,000
21st Nguyen Tung Linh Vietnam 19,500,000
22nd Kiwanont Sukhum Thailand 19,500,000
23rd Christopher Mateo Philippines 19,500,000
24th Bang Quang Hung Vietnam 17,700,000
25th Sanat Mehrotra India 17,700,000
26th Ha Huy Vu Vietnam 17,700,000
27th En Ching Wu Taiwan 17,700,000
28th Le Minh Phuc Vietnam 15,900,000
29th Thanakrit Lachaima Thailand 15,900,000
30th Park Jujung Korea 15,900,000
31st Eugene Co Philippines 15,900,000

Short Deck High Roller: RYAN MINGHO YUM – 908,000,000 (~$37,000)

DSC 5656

Watch the Final 6 race via the livestream recorded on Poker Dream social media channels. Recap to follow.

Buy in: ₫70,000,000 (~$2,850)
Entries: 41
Prize pool: ₫2,671,970,000 (~$108,926)
ITM: 6 places


1st Ryan Mingho Yum Hong Kong 908,000,000
2nd Kok Weng Beh Malaysia 627,000,000
3rd Devan Tang Hong Kong 400,000,000
4th Tam Lon Tek Macau 308,000,000
5th Ghai Pang Yap Malaysia 241,000,000
6th Wai Kiat Lee Malaysia 187,970,000

KO Bounty: JOATHAN LOOI – ₫118,320,000 (~$4,820)

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Jonathan Looi

Jonathan Tek-Wye Looi brought Malaysia its third title at the KO Bounty, eliminating the last two players to claim the 98,320,000 top prize. Amid a crowd of Koreans rooting for Ham Soyoung, Looi’s AhKh dominated Ham’s Ah8s and when the board ran 7cAc5s10s10d, it was heads up with Looi backed by a monstrous stack. It only took a couple of hands to secure the win. On a flop 10c8hQc, all the chips went in. Looi’s AdQd top kicker was way ahead of Siwat Singhsuttakorn’s Qs3s, and stayed that way with the turn 4h and river Jc. Looi earned an additional ₫20,000,000 for his eight bounties. 

Buy in: ₫8,000,000 (~$325)
Entries: 80 
Prize pool: ₫358,720,000 (~$14,620)
Bounty pool: ₫200,000,000 (~$8,150)
ITM: 11 places

Payouts (bounties not included)

1st Jonathan Looi Tek-Wye Malaysia 98,320,000
2nd Siwat Singhsuttakorn Thailand 70,000,000
3rd Ham Soyoung Korea 46,000,000
4th Nguyen Van Trung Vietnam 35,400,000
5th Dinh Gia Long Vietnam 28,000,000
6th Trinh Huy Thong Vietnam 21,900,000
7th Lee Sung Kun Korea 17,300,000
8th Nguyen Dinh Thi Vietnam 13,500,000
9th Kim Jaehon Korea 10,300,000
10th Tran Van Tai Vietnam 9,000,000
11th Ha Van Thien Vietnam 9,000,000

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Stick with us here at Somuchpoker as we bring you full coverage of the festival from start to finish. Poker Dream Vietnam has been ongoing since October 14 and will run through October 23 at the Grand Hall of Hoiana Hotel & Suites. 

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