Philippine pro Lester Edoc claims the APL Road Series championship title

After six days of Main Event action at the APL Road Series Vol.1 Philippines, local pro Lester Edoc overcame a powerhouse final table to capture the championship title and the Php1,478,700 (~US$28,300) first place prize money.

Lester Edoc
Lester Edoc

For players in the Asian circuit, Lester Edoc is one of the most highly recognized players from the Philippines. Since his emergence into the live circuit in 2009, his portfolio has grown immensely, littered with achievements that includes a victory at the International Poker Open in 2015. Today, he claimed his second only major career title, outlasting other fellow pros – Mike Takayama and John Tech – at the final table.

However for the champ, his ride to the top began with some doubt and uncertainty. Despite entering the final table running fourth in chips, he quoted,

“I wasn’t getting any good cards which caused me to worry”.

At the time, chip leaders Harold McDonald and BJ Perez were piling it in with both of them railing a couple of players while Edoc claimed just one head.

All that changed at four-handed where he dominated the table.

Lester Edoc
Lester Edoc

Edoc expressed,“when we were down to four players, I felt I would win it.”

He began to ascend, winning numerous big pots to slide into the leader’s seat for the first time. He widened his lead after eliminating Perez to enter the three-handed bout in full command with over 70% of the chips in play.

To maintain his advantage, he said, “I just played small ball poker because my opponents were tight.”

After putting away Guak Do Gyeong in 3rd place, he faced McDonald at the heads up round with 85% of the chips at his disposal. McDonald managed to hang on with a couple of double ups until Edoc delivered the finishing blow, reigning victorious with a full house over two pair.

Edoc & McDonald
Edoc & McDonald

Winning the Main Event is a great accomplishment for Edoc who dedicates his performance to a special family member.Prior to entering the Main Event, he was driven by his father’s ongoing battle against an illness, inspiring him to persevere.

You can read up on the Final 9 action in the live updates post linked below. We would also like to add one other shining moment by the champion. At Day 2, Edoc made one the most incredible calls of the tournament holding just ace-high to eliminate Jaeheung An who pushed his big stack with king-high.

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The Main Event ran a course of six days taking place from February 24 – March 1. There were a total of 276 entries driving the prize pool past the guarantee to Php6,693,000 (~US$128,400). 36 players were in the money with the top 9 places decided today.

Watch the video of Lester P Edoc’s race to victory at the APL Main Event Road Series

Final Table payouts

Main Event prize pool: Php6,693,000 – Buyin: Php27,500

1st – Lester Edoc – Philippines – Php1,478,700
2nd – Harold McDonald – USA – Php1,037,400
3rd – Guak Do Gyeong – Korea – Php667,300
4th – Bell John Perez – Philippines – Php493,900
5th – Cho Hyung Woon – Korea – Php370,800
6th – Mike Takayama – Philippines – Php296,500
7th – John Tech – Philippines – Php246,300
8th – Choi Jae Young – Korea – Php197,400
9th – Joseph Sia – Philippines – Php147,900

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