In Brief: Phil Ivey unveils a Masterclass, Daniel Negreanu’s WSOP action is a total sell-out

The old poker heros still make headlines in the news. Most recently Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu popped up once again with interesting stories.

Phil Ivey unveils a Masterclass

Daniel Negreanu modelled it and now the world’s best poker face Phil Ivey follows with offering a poker course on

Masterclass offers courses from the best in their respective fields. From chess with Garry Kasparov, Samuel L. Jackson teaching acting or cooking with Gordon Ramsay, $180 gives you access to all of this. And if you have a particular interest in only one of the classes, you can pay $90 for a one-off pass.

Now we have two of the world’s best poker players offer classes represented here, both aimed more at the masses, of course. But while Daniel’s class goes a bit more into depth on strategy, Phil Ivey entertains and educates in front of a Macau-style background with reviews of his own televised hands.

Ivey explains that while it was a no-no in the past to teach people, nowadays it is more accepted to share knowledge and that’s why he decided on making this course. His previous attempt of a poker education site, “Ivey League” was only short-lived from 2014 to 2017, so Masterclass could give him a longer lasting passive income.

The class is made up of 11 lessons where you might be able to find some valuable strategy nuggets even as an experienced player, but the whole class is more about mindset than strategy and rather addresses beginning players.

Schulman reveals Ivey story

But that’s not all from the elusive Ivey. A fairly random Ivey story was revealed by Nick Schulman on Twitter on Sunday.

The poker Twitter community gobbled it up and immediately demanded more Ivey stories.

Bill Perkins thinks about $100M gtd event

And while we’re at poker Twitter: Popular hedge fund manager Bill Perkins polled Twitter on his idea to organise a $100 million guaranteed poker tournament.

About 40% of the roughly 5,000 participants in the poll replied “Yes” so far, but it remains to be seen how many will actually put down the buy-in, if this event should happen.

KidPoker’s WSOP shares sell out fast

And as Daniel Negreanu can’t be missed from any news roundups recently, here is another interesting story around KidPoker.

He famously offered the public the opportunity to buy pieces of his WSOP packages this year and the offer ended up way more popular as expected. The first attempt of opening the sale for the zero mark-up shares ended with his website crashing and he had to postpone the sale by 24 hours.

When the site opened up the section once again on Saturday, all shares sold out in under 5 minutes and unfortunately left many disappointed due to a glitch that oversold shares.

Those affected by this will be refunded and unfortunately not able to sweat Daniel’s probably epic WSOP this summer… at least not financially.

Article by Christin Maschmann