Phil Galfond’s ‘Run It Once’ Poker Site set to protect recreational players

After a series of delays during the construction of ‘Run It Once’ online poker room, the site created by Phil Galfond is almost ready to throw open its doors and treat players to the first phase of its offerings.

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Phil Galfond – Run It Once

Several key details have already been revealed in recent weeks, giving an insight into just what Galfond meant when he talked about his poker room being different. Among them, Heads-up displays (HUDs) were confirmed as being banned from the new room.

Autoseating and Fixed Buy-In

In a recent blog post, Galfond outlined additional measures he plans to introduce which will protect recreational players and limit predatory behaviour.

At Run It Once, players will be automatically seated after choosing the stakes they want to play.

Players will also have to buy in for 100 big blinds at cash tables rather than buying in shorter. In theory, this means that players will be less likely to buy in with a short stack into a game they can’t really afford to be playing in, which could help bankrolls last longer.

According to Galfond: 

“If the games are more fun, more value is created, recreational players will spend more in exchange for that added value, the pros and the poker site will profit more, and nobody needs to be tricked,” 

The banning of HUDs and automatic seating sets out a clear vision of recreational player protection, which should lead to a better, happier playing environment for weaker players. This elevates the chances that those players will return which helps the poker room, and the stronger players. These changes all seem positive, with phase one’s release this summer offering cash games and promising a sustainable poker environment with fair rake.

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In the next few months the poker world will discover the first part of what Run It Once has to offer. If it follows the principles Galfond speaks of, there is every chance it can gain a foothold in an online poker market which is undergoing its fair share of changes.

Article by Craig Bradshaw