People News: Solver Scandal with Fedor Kruse; Connor Drinan wins DNegs prop bet; Jonathan Little banned on ACR; Max Silver retiring – or not…?; A $975k quilt for Ali

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Solver Scandal with Fedor Kruse

fedor kruse
German poker pro Fedor Kruse is the focus of the latest online cheating scandal. Credit: PokerFirma

Unfortunately it looks like we have another online poker cheating scandal. While many poker players often struggle with integrity in general it seems that a group of fellow German players had enough of Fedor ‘GlitchSystem’ Kruse’s use of Real Time Assistance (RTA) and worked together to expose the poker pro.

A new account with the name “QuiaOmnisIustitia” (“Justice for All”) made a detailed post in the poker forum 2+2, explaining the situation.

In the 2+2 thread it is being said that Kruse’s cheating had been reported to PokerStars on multiple occasions but that “this has not been taken serious for a long period of time, the account hasn’t even been blocked for investigations and ‘GlitchSystem’ could continue to play normally.”

Several German high stakes players kept bringing up evidence however and apparently an investigation has now finally been started.

Kruse played on several major sites and is said to have used “two PCs, two sets of keyboard and mouse” in a bid to circumvent the usual safety protocols used by online poker sites.

The roommates who are exposing Kruse here are obviously worried to be thrown in the mix as cheaters and it’s going to be tough for them to prove they were not involved in these activities. But the fact that they are taking a stand against the real-time use of solvers is a good sign that integrity does still exist in some capacity.

Neither Kruse nor the affected poker sites have so far issued statements and we can probably expect more to come out of this can of worms.

Connor Drinan wins DNegs prop bet

Daniel Negreanu (left) and Connor Drinan (right)

As every year Daniel Negreanu had a few side bets going during the World Series Of Poker. And this year was no different. He had placed a couple of money bets on who would or wouldn’t win WSOP bracelets this year. Conor Drinan was one of the players taking the bet for the maximum of $100k that he would win more bracelets than Daniel in 2020.

Connor is an online crusher from Chicago which he had proven during the Spring Championship Of Online Poker this year, taking down 5 titles.

By the end of the WSOP Online, however, neither Daniel nor Connor had won an event and so captured gold. Well, until the last event of the series, $10k Super Millions.

Drinan made it to the final table and DNegs started sweating.

And yes, it did happen indeed. Connor Drinan finished the job, won the event, $1.4 million, the bracelet and the bet against Daniel Negreanu.

Despite losing the bet and $100k to Drinan, Negreanu was fast to congratulate him for his win.

Jonathan Little banned on ACR

Popular poker player, author and coach Jonathan Little has been permanently banned by Winning Poker Network CEO Phil Nagy for critical comments about America’s Card Room.

It’s a nasty public back and forth between the two on Twitter and while some poker fans side with Jonathan who has always been warning about unregulated sites and some side with Nagy who feels that no-one should be allowed to openly bad-mouth his company.

Jonathan didn’t apologize for what he said. Instead, he stood by his comments and defended them.

He also published a YouTube video summarizing the incident and his thoughts about it – “Don’t Poo Where You Eat”.


Max Silver retiring – or not…?

English poker pro Max Silver announced – or rather reflected on – retirement from poker.

He talks about having had a successful 9 years in poker but that he will now pursue a career in sports betting. Somehow his series of tweets about this seems more like trolling than a true farewell to poker. He even shared his wife’s reaction to it:

The poker community is also not really trusting his words and while wishing him the best, many comment that they will soon see him at the tables again anyway.

A $975k quilt for Ali

A new poker record was set in August on GGPoker with Ali Imsirovic winning the biggest cash game pot in online poker history, worth $975k.

Now a friend has created a special quilt for Ali depicting the winning hand including action as shown in the GGPoker client hand history:

That’s what friends are for.