People News: Postle needs to pay; Hellmuth gets challenged by Polk; Bicknell and Foxen engaged and more…

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Postle needs to pay

Alleged poker cheat Mike Postle now has to start paying legal fees back to the people he had dropped a $330 million lawsuit on in the recent past. Postle was caught cheating during Stone’s Casino live streams – or so many people suggested after witnessing very questionable plays. Postle played in a way that made many experts assume that he knew his opponents’ cards.

After players that were allegedly cheated out of their money this way sued Postle, the case was lost. It was fairly obvious that it’s almost impossible to convince a judge how Postle’s plays didn’t make sense. And instead of just walking away from the issue, Postle then sued all those people that accused him in a defamation case for $330 million.

This got dropped as well and now all those of them who had needed legal counsel are demanding the legal fees back from Postle. The first of these cases was solved last week with Todd Witteles receiving $26k for his lawyer. Next week Veronica Brill will step up to get her share. Unfortunately the money goes to the lawyers, who are the only winners in this whole ordeal.

Postle even represented himself on a Zoom call with the judge as his legal team had abandoned him.

Jason Koon’s sprint bet

Moving on to a better role model in poker: Jason Koon. Koon is widely seen as the fittest poker pro in the world and he once again wants to prove his position. During his student years he was able to sprint 100m in under 11 seconds. Now, as a 35-year old, he wants to get to that level again.

Koon even said he’d put up $2 million wagering on his success. So far he has not gotten any takers as probably most people fully trust that he is capable of achieving this. Somebody who did step up though, was Bill Perkins. He offers $100k to Koon in case he manages to reach his goal. This is not a massive amount for the high roller, so he said he would donate the money to a good cause.

We will keep you posted if there are interesting updates on this. Maybe we will have the pleasure of update videos just as it was with Mike McDonald’s basketball bet.

Koon about Bill Klein

Let’s stay with Jason Koon for a second. After Bill Klein’s win in a $25k tournament at the Aria, Koon tweeted the following, praising the 73-year old:

Klein is a cancer survivor and is regularly seen in high stakes poker tournaments. The fact that he won one for $324,000 against the toughest players in the world is just amazing. And it speaks for him that he did all this after a round of golf, crossing the finish line in the early morning hours the next day. A job well done and much respect!

Hellmuth gets challenged by Polk

These high roller tournaments at the Aria are fairly frequent and have recently been ramped up to give the big boys some action. These are exactly the games Daniel Negreanu had been talking about when he offered Phil Hellmuth a prop bet for successfully participating in these events.

Hellmuth did not accept this bet, or rather made up such ridiculous conditions for it, that it didn’t come to it. And so Hellmuth is of course missing from the current games.

An offer for a cash game challenge came from Doug Polk, however. He is challenging Phill Hellmuth to a 25k hands $200/$400 heads-up battle and is willing to pay Hellmuth $1 million in case he emerges as the winner in this battle.

Doug also started to post the lyrics of Whitesnake’s hit “Here I go again”: “Here I go again on my own / Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known”, which Hellmuth completed, “Like a drifter I was born to walk alone / An’ I’ve made up my mind, /I ain’t wasting no more time”.

This basically reads like a reply from Hellmuth, stating that he does not feel the need anymore to prove to anyone that he is the best player in the world and he is not going to waste any more of his precious time with challenges like this. At least we have one more to look forward to against Daniel Negreanu with the third round of the High Stakes Duel some time soon.

Kristen Bicknell and Alex Foxen engaged

The biggest poker power couple is engaged. Both players tweeted their excitement about getting married on the social media channels and we wish them all the best for their surely successful future.