People News: Hellmuth missed out on huge Bitcoin investment; Polk’s new podcast; Kenney opens window to play Hellmuth at any game; Personal milestones of personalities Mercier, Gilmartin and Liu

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Phil Hellmuth missed out on huge Bitcoin investment

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15-time bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth has been in partnership with numerous brands throughout the years. Considering that the Poker Brat is not only an impressive player on the tables but an entertaining character at that, it is not surprising to see many companies take advantage of the poker spotlight. 

In one of his latest deals, Hellmuth has partnered with new technology Bitcoin Latinum, adding a crypto brand to his stable of product endorsements. Cryptocurrency has been surging in popularity for the past few years whilst also catching the attention of many players in the poker industry. Interestingly, in an interview with USPoker, Hellmuth revealed that he missed out on what could have been a massive return given he followed his peers’ advice.

“I’ve been following crypto since my Silicon Valley ‘masters of the universe’ crew told me to buy Bitcoin at $90,” he said. “Then, they pushed it again after it fell to $300. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen. They also told me to buy Apple, Tesla, and Amazon too – and I didn’t listen, oops.”

With Bitcoin now priced at over $30K, Hellmuth is left to imagine the potential profits he could have scooped up if he invested in those decade-ago prices. Nonetheless, his latest partnership with Bitcoin Latinum could possibly grow to be a hit in the community with the new technology’s ability to swiftly handle large transaction volumes and impose minimal transaction fees.

Doug Polk’s new podcast

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A semi-retired American pro, Doug Polk appears to continuously be in poker headlines even after reportedly quitting the game as well as creating poker content for the community. While his YouTube channel was a big hit among fans and garnered over 120 million views, Polk decided to take a step back from the poker limelight and take a different course. 

Just close to a year and a half later, the heads up pro is back at it again, having posted a new Polkernews video and relaunched his podcast channel which tackles topics of poker, crypto and gambling. For his first episode, Polk featured guests Jason Mo, Bill Perkins and Kevin Rabichow to engage in a discussion of the cut-short Tice vs Perkins HU challenge. 

Following the post, Polk asked his Twitter followers what they wish to hear on the show. Max Silver suggested to have an episode focused on reconciliation with Daniel Negreanu, Luke Schwartz, and Bryn Kenney as to which Polk replied writing, “I think Negreanu and I have buried the hatchet/said our piece at this point, Luke is a lunatic but also can be pretty funny at times, ill think about that one. I’d be happy to chat with Bryn.

Two days later, Polk reveals his upcoming guest for the next episode to be former HU challenger Daniel Negreanu. Back at his expertise, poker fans can’t seemingly have enough of what Polk has to say and are glad to have the 32 year old pro posting content once again.

Bryn Kenney opens window to play Hellmuth at any game

#1 ranking all-time winner Bryn Kenney remains confident in his poker skills, most especially when he has a record of $56.4 million in earnings throughout his career according to The Hendon Mob, to back him up. In an exclusive interview with PokerNews, Kenney showcased his confidence and willingness to take on top bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth in a duel at any game he wishes. 

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While he gives the credit and respect Hellmuth deserves given his outstanding results, Kenney was not one to back down from any challenge, specifically when he has a title as the “best poker player in the world” to defend. 

He can talk all he wants, but when he wants to talk about being an Apex predator and being best in the world, I’m like OK, sure, Phil, so how do you want to prove that? Do you want to play me heads-up? You wanna cross-book in tournaments? You wanna cross-book in cash games? Mix, PLO, no-limit hold ’em, you know, you choose the game and choose a high price and let’s just play, and we can show people who is the best anytime“, he stated.

Despite Kenney’s lack of interest in today’s high roller games, it’s great to see the American pro shift his focus to his health and well-being. Having lost a significant amount of weight, Kenney looks to have a better overall mindset these days.

I just forgot about the health aspect of things and didn’t really realize how important it was to show up in your best, with good energy every day; feeling great is such an important thing, and I’m loving it“, he added.

Personal milestones of Jason Mercier, Lynn Gilmartin and Sasha Liu

On a side note, five-time bracelet winner Jason Mercier and wife Natasha Mercier just welcomed the birth of their third son, Milo John Mercier. The ecstatic father, who also has two other boys – Marco and Matteo, shared a picture of the newborn on Instagram a week ago.

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Similarly, World Poker Tour anchor Lynn Gilmartin and husband Angel Guillen had their first child last July 8, 2021.

We feel like we’re dazed in a dream, all blissed out and stripped raw with our love for this tiny creature. Bodhi, our little wisdom tree.”, Gilmartin posted.

Welcoming another important milestone is GGPoker ambassador Sasha ‘PokerSasha’ Liu, who recently got engaged. The Taiwanese pro shared a sweet photo collage of the moment which met numerous congratulations from her band of followers.

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