People News: Perkins agrees to ambitious fitness bet; Adams forfeits Galfond Challenge; Smith’s charity donation towards Afghan crisis; Chad and McEachern to broadcast this year’s WSOP; Liu expecting twins

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Perkins agrees to ambitious fitness bet

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High stakes regular Bill Perkins is in for another hefty prop bet only this time it appears the terms might not be in his favor. At 52 years old, the multi-millionaire hedge fund manager has agreed to wager $200,000 with social media influencer Dan Bilzerian, entailing he can get his body fat percentage down to less than 9% by April 22, 2022. While Perkins has about 8 months to get into shape, the last time he has successfully done so was 15 years ago, having hit a body fat percentage of 7.8%.

Regardless should Perkins be able to attain this extreme fitness feat, the win-win situation will still benefit him either way. As the saying goes “it is health that is real wealth”, becoming more fit at this age is already an impressive achievement in itself.

Brandon Adams accepts defeat in Galfond Challenge

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Following a huge loss of $150,000 in the pair’s fourth online session, American pro Brandon Adams has finally conceded after only 2,900 out of the agreed 10,000-hand duration. On top of his $295,000 total deficit, Adams would have to fork out an additional $100,000 agreed side bet for forfeiting the challenge. While quitting this early in the challenge may be unexpected, Adams’ decision might have been ideal given the rate the match was going. After roughly 30% of the hands completed, Adams has not booked a winning online session to date, giving Galfond a smooth ride higher up in the green each time.

The Galfond Challenge has been highly profitable for the Run It Once founder himself Phil Galfond, having bagged four wins and one stalemate match out of his five previous duels. Last contender to conclude the Challenge stands to be Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates, who recently called out the PLO crusher ‘devious, sick and twisted’ in an episode from Adams’ podcast channel. Despite their personal issues, fans are excited to see the duo battle it out on the felt and let the results speak for themselves. The pair is yet to determine the dates for the upcoming challenge, set to play through 7,500 hands of high stakes €100/€200 PLO hopefully sometime in the near future.

Dan Smith’s charity drive donates $150k towards Afghan crisis

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​​Giving back is essential more so if you’re coming from a place of abundance, and that is exactly what Dan Smith, one of the industry’s most successful live tournament players of all-time has been up to. The Afghan refugee crisis has blown up in recent weeks, forcing many to evacuate their home country in search for a safer environment. Founder of Double Up Drive, Smith has taken to social media to match $150,000 in donations raised towards this worthy cause.

As thousands attempt to flee the Taliban rule, Smith recommended charity fundraiser International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP) for those interested in donating funds. The American pro’s initial pledge was put at $100,000 but was later raised to $150,000, which quickly filled up in three days’ time. Established in 2014, Smith’s charity drive has raised over $18 million to date, intended towards the world’s most effective causes.

Norman Chad and Lon McEachern to broadcast this year’s WSOP

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Staples of poker television, World Series of Poker fanatics will be glad to know that this year’s live events would continue to be broadcasted by dynamic duo Norman Chad and Lon McEachern. With the coverage of the major events shifting from ESPN to CBS Sports Network, many were doubtful on whether the pair would continue to take part in the brand’s 18-year long history. While McEachern was quickly confirmed to take on the role of lead announcer, it was just this past week that Chad confirmed to PokerNews his participation in this fall’s events.

Scheduled to run from September 30 through November 23, 2021, a reported 41 hours of coverage will be aired on CBSSN, showcasing the 88-bracelet festival’s Main Event and highlights from other tournaments. Broadcast partner, PokerGO at the same time, will air live streams throughout the series for poker fans to tune into.

The poker boom owes a huge debt to ESPN — the wide exposure of the game, the endless re-airs of Main Event episodesChad told PokerNews. “Hopefully, with CBS Sports Network, the WSOP can take the next step. It will be great to see other bracelet events highlighted in the mainstream.

Sasha Liu expecting twins

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First female GGPoker ambassador Sasha ‘PokerSasha’ Liu is celebrating a personal victory apart from her impressive poker results. Just four days ago, the Taiwanese pro shared with poker fans her exciting pregnancy, having posted a picture of her fiancé captioned with an insightful message.

“​​Possibly the reason why I’ve experienced more health issues than ever lately. Definitely the reason why our hearts are filled with courage and strength no matter what the future holds”, she wrote.

Liu further added that their wedding would have to wait until next year, assumingly as she focuses on her health, pregnancy and the coming of her fraternal twin babies.

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