PCA: O’Dwyer Wins Another, Kevin Hart’s Crazy Hand and Bonomo’s Near Miss

There is something about the PCA that compels poker fans to tune in. Every year it seems to bring interesting stories and hands, and this year has been another in the same vein. This collection of tournaments has become one of the most anticipated events on the calendar, kicking off the new year of live poker in sun and style. Here are a few of the highlights we’ve seen at PCA 2018.

O’Dwyer wins the $50K High Roller

Steve O'Dwyer - Photo PokerStars
Steve O’Dwyer – Photo PokerStars

Steve O’Dwyer must be beginning to like the Bahamas. Not only does he get the sandy beaches and beautiful scenery that everyone else does, but he also seems to walk away with a suitcase full of cash and another trophy each time he comes to visit. This year has been another success story for O’Dwyer, who lifted the $50K High Roller title to claim the third PCA High Roller event of his career.

46 players put up the $50,000 to enter, which meant that O’Dwyer took home $769,500 for his efforts. Byron Kaverman was the man who stood in his way during the heads-up phase, with Kaverman having lead coming into the final table. With this latest win, O’Dwyer’s lifetime winnings rises to $21, 121,735.

Player Country Prize
1 Steve O’Dwyer Ireland $769,500
2 Byron Kaverman United States $531,860
3 Jean-Noel Thorel France $339,480
4 Erik Seidel United States $260,260
5 Benjamin Pollak France $203,680
6 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey $158,420

Kevin Hart accidentally hero calls

In one of the strangest hands you’re likely to see this year, comedian and poker enthusiast Kevin Hart made what appeared to be an amazing read on one of his opponents at the PokerStars Championship Cash Game, calling down a huge river bluff with just king high. After limping king-three and getting tangled up in a huge pot, Hart claims he made the call on the river thinking that he had a straight. He flipped up King high and was amazed to see his opponent turn over six high to gift him the pot.

One of the most entertaining players at the PCA, Hart threw a touch of class into the situation by buying his fallen opponent back into the game costing himself $15,000 in the process.

Bonomo falls just short in the 100K High Roller

Cary Katz - Photo PokerStars
Cary Katz – Photo PokerStars

Bonomo is no stranger to High Roller events, and narrowly missed a golden chance to pick up a huge victory here in the Bahamas this week. In the $100,000 buy in event, he managed to outlast all but one of the 48 entrants, falling short at the heads-up hurdle to eventual winner Cary Katz.

The final table was packed with talent, as Bryn Kenney, Daniel Negreanu, Ike Haxton and Justin Bonomo were all battling for the title with six remaining. Haxton couldn’t improve beyond 6th, Negreanu fell in 4th, with Kenney falling soon after in 3rd. Bonomo couldn’t put a big name on the trophy however, and it was left to lesser known High Roller grinder Cary Katz to pick up the spoils. He took home $1,492,340 for the win, adding to his already impressive total career cashes figure, which rose to $13,698,249 with this win.

Player County Prize
1st Cary Katz USA $1,492,340
2nd Justin Bonomo USA $1,077,800
3rd Bryn Kenney USA $686,960
4th Daniel Negreanu Canada $521,140
5th Ivan Luca Argentina $402,700
6th Ike Haxton USA $307,940
7th Sam Greenwood Canada $248,720

Article by Craig Bradshaw