Paul Phua’s poker school releases new videos featuring Ivey and Dwan

Paul Phua is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and well-known figures in the world of Asian poker, as one of the cornerstones of the biggest live games in that part of the world.

Paul Phua vs Fedor Holz (Triton SHR Series)
Paul Phua vs Fedor Holz (Triton SHR Series)

New videos listed on Paul Phua’s poker school

One of his projects has been the Paul Phua Poker School which can be found online. Just recently, several new videos have been released onto the site, showing conversations with superstars Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan.

With many having been wondering just what sort of content will be available at the website, some of those questions are now in the process of being answered, with plenty of advice for beginners and those in the early stages of their learning.

It seems unlikely that Paul Phua’s poker school will rival the major poker schools which are aimed at intermediate and professional players, but there will still be plenty of useful information there for players.

With Dwan and Ivey endorsing the project, Phua’s main selling point is that he has these stars on board, and can release content relating to them, which is something you cannot find easily these days. So, while you’re unlikely to find deep insights into the most serious strategic concepts, you will find interesting videos of Phua conversing with these enigmatic stars of the game.

Phil Ivey in conversation with Paul Phua Part 1

This video sees Phil Ivey and Paul Phua offer their thoughts on staying hungry to play poker, the diminishing personal thrill of big money games and what makes a top player.

Phil Ivey in conversation with Paul Phua part 2

Part 2 of this video sees Ivey delve into poker learning growth in Asia, beginner concepts and moving up in stakes.

Tom Dwan in conversation with Paul Phua part 1

The second video offers insight from Tom Dwan as he discusses beginners trapping, bluffing and betting.

Tom Dwan in conversation with Paul Phua part 2

Part 2 sees Dwan and Phua share a conversation about being overly aggressive, Chinese players and various international tendencies.

Article by Craig Bradshaw

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