Patrik Antonius is back on the live poker scene


Script and Voice By Craig Bradshaw – Video by Bruno Thienard

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We all get that special nostalgic feeling sometimes. The moment you wish you were back in 2009 watching Patrick Antonius lock horns with Ivey, durrrr or Isildur1.

That thrill of seeing six, or even seven figures sliding across the virtual felt and the railbirds getting crazy in the chat box.

Well, we can’t resurrect Full Tilt and we can’t go back to 2009, but we can point you in the direction of a certain familiar face.

It seems that online legend, Patrick Antonius has surfaced.

Not only is Antonius alive and well but, he is also apparently thirsting to get back into the action at the live poker tables.

Back in the heyday of online poker, Antonius was one of the major stars of the game.

During a 2 and a half year period on Full Tilt, Antonius won $12 million, winning the biggest pot in online history along the way, and continued playing under the nickname ‘FinddaGrind’ right up until 2014.

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He could well be the most profitable player in online poker history, given his multiple aliases and the fact he kept winning after Black Friday, Unlike Phil Ivey.

If fans were wondering why he hasn’t been playing much online lately, the answer is simple – He doesn’t like technology.

He has since said that technological advancements have made online poker a different game and confessed “I lost about a million straight and then I realized that I couldn’t beat the ring-games anymore and that was largely due to tracking software.”

Just a few years ago, Antonius was talking about opening poker rooms in Monaco, but now, it seems he is back doing what he does best – but will be doing so in the live format.

It is surprising that Antonius has not been granted the same levels of recognition given to Ivey and Negreanu in the live arena, especially when you consider that he has $7 million in live tournament winnings and has played in the biggest live cash games in Macau, Vegas and Monaco.

While he hasn’t been seen at live events much in recent years, we could be about to see a change in 2018.

His year has already kicked off with a win in the 25,000 Euro High Roller at Partypoker MILLIONS in Rozvadov, taking home 400,000 Euros in the process.

Just a few hours later he was putting together another deep run, reaching the final table in the 50,000 Euro Super High Roller, but eventually bubbled.

Interestingly, Partypoker used a picture of Antonius on its social media account to advertise the Main Event during the festival.

This of course, got the poker media world gossiping about the potential for Antonius to join Partypokers team of pros.

With new talented players signing up all the time, you would have to say that it wouldn’t be a surprise if his name was added to that list.  But for now, next rumoured stop on his live schedule is a €50/€100 pot-limit Omaha game in Tallinn Estonia.