Partypoker Millions: Wai Kin Yong and Paul Phua Earn Malaysia 2nd and 3rd Trophies

Despite the ongoing Coronavirus situation, international poker players have taken time in their schedules to compete in the first ever MILLIONS Super High Roller Series. The festival is currently taking place at Casino Sochi, Russia and is scheduled to occur from 6-15 March, 2020. Partypoker, in partnership with PokerGo and Triton Poker, is hosting a total of 9 events within the 10-day period with buy-ins ranging from $25k – $250k. Scheduled games will play in either the No Limit Hold’Em or the Short Deck format.

With more than half of the events already completed, we are yet to see more champions be crowned in the coming days, along with the most expensive organized tournament in the history of Russia, the Super High Roller Bowl Russia.

Paul Phua Earns Malaysia 3rd Trophy from Event #6: $100,000 No Limit Hold’em

Paul Phua
Paul Phua – Photo Poker Central

Just today, Paul Phua came out triumphant in his fourth final table for the series. Phua bagged a huge $1,512,000 in cash prize adding to his over $16 million in live winnings. The Malaysian high roller returned as the shortest-stacked player among the last nine finalists and proved to be a tough opponent to beat. With 42 entries joining the tournament, the total prize pool reached a burly $4,200,000 to be distributed among the top six finishers.

The final table seemed demanding with the best international players battling it out on the felt. Phua claimed the trophy after making the right calls and correct bets against the strongest players in the industry. His heads up battle against Austrian national, Matthias Eibinger ended with the latter making an incorrect read with bottom pair against Phua’s flopped two pair. Eibinger saying “I don’t believe you” and prompted a call for all his chips on the river, still cashed a great profit of $1,008,000 for second place.

Full payouts indicated as follows

Place Player Country  Prize
1 Paul Phua Malaysia  $1,512,000
2 Matthias Eibinger Austria  $1,008,000
3 Webster Lim Malaysia  $672,000
4 Adrian Mateos Spain  $420,000
5 Michael Addamo Australia  $336,000
6 Kahle Burns Australia  $252,000

Wai Kin Yong wins Event #5: $50,000 Short Deck after defeating Ivey

Wai Kin Yong – Photo Poker Central

The third short deck event for the series drew in a total of exactly 50 entries with Wai Kin Yong being the last player to jump in. This generated a nice prize pool of $2.5 million to be split among the top 8 players for the tournament with a hefty $800,000 along with the trophy for the top prize. A number of high profile international players joined the battle with names such as Phil Ivey, Paul Phua, Aaron Van Blarcum, Seth Davies, Cary Katz and so on.

The challenging player pool, however, did not faze Malaysian professional, Wai Kin Yong, son of the Triton Poker Series founder, Richard Yong, as he emerged victorious after a dramatic heads up battle with poker legend, Phil Ivey. Yong started the battle with a little less than half of Ivey’s chips bringing him to a disadvantage against his opponent.

With pressure from the blinds rising at 150k/300k, fortunes were eventually reversed when short-stacked Yong moved his whole 4,800,000 into the middle with jack-ten offsuit preflop and was easily called by Ivey’s pocket rockets. Unluckily for Ivey, the flop brought ten-ten-nine giving Yong trip tens with neither of the two Aces catching up on the board. Not long after, Yong eliminated the Tiger Woods of Poker as he turned a straight against Ivey’s top two pairs on the flop. With Wai Kin Yong running hot, Ivey was sent off the rails taking the runner up spot and a $525,000 paycheck.

Final payouts listed below:

Place Player Country  Prize
1 Wai Kin Yong Malaysia  $800,000
2 Phil Ivey United States  $525,000
3 Sam Greenwood Canada  $350,000
4 Cary Katz United States  $250,000
5 Aaron Van Blarcum United States  $200,000
6 Mikhail Rudoy Russia  $150,000
7 Seth Davies United States  $125,000
8 Paul Phua Malaysia  $100,000

Wai Leong Chan takes Down Event #3 for $457,500

Wai Leong Chan
Wai Leong Chan – Photo Poker Central

Malaysian professional poker players have indeed been gracing the Asian poker circuits with their prowess bagging multiple wins against the toughest opponents. For Event #3, Malaysian national, Wai Leong Chan outlasted 61 total entries for the $25,000 Short Deck tournament which created a prize pool of $1,525,000. Having already started the week with a 5th place finish in the first iteration of this event type, Chan finally picked up his second partypoker LIVE MILLIONS trophy in this format and $457,500 in cash prize, bringing his recorded Total Live Earnings to over $12 million in winnings.

Wai Leong Chan entered his second Short Deck final table as chip leader, over a million chips clear of nearest rival Thai Ha. After four hours of play, all of them fell short except for Paul Phua who faced Chan for the title. Phua, who was fairly active throughout the final table, had a decent chance against the chip leader after knocking out half of his opponents in this crucial stage. The heads up battle lasted about an hour with Phua whittled to 3,000,000 with the big blind ante at 200,000. His chance of a double up came in when Chan raised him for all his chips preflop with king-ten and he took a stand with ace-jack. The king-high board, however, set him to accept second place once more, along with the accompanying $305,000 in prize money.

Final payouts are as follows:

Place Player Country  Prize
1 Wai Leong Chan Malaysia  $457,500
2 Paul Phua Malaysia  $305,000
3 Thai Ha Vietnam  $213,500
4 Ivan Leow Malaysia  $152,500
5 Danny Tang Hong Kong  $122,000
6 Aaron Van Blarcum United States  $91,500
7 Dmitriy Kuzmin Dominica  $76,250
8 Sergey Lebedev Russia  $61,000
9 Sam Greenwood Canada  $45,750

Others Winners

Event #1: $25,000 Short Deck – Jiang Xia He -$378,000

Jiang Xia He
Jiang Xia He – Photo Poker Central

The first player to win a MILLIONS Super High Roller trophy was Jiang Xia He as he took down Event #1: $25,000 Short Deck and earned himself an additional $378,000 to his roll. The first event attracted a total field of 42 runners bringing the prize pool to the seven digit range. The final table did not last very long after a crucial hand against Wai Leong Chan, who limped with ace-king offsuit and found He putting on maximum pressure with king-jack offsuit – the chip leader’s 5 million all-in preflop vs. second-in-chips Chan’s 4 million. A rivered full house for He against Chan’s broadway on the turn brought a massive chip lead for the crowned champion who eliminated all his other opponents in less than half an hour.


Place Name Country Prize
1 Xia He Jiang Spain $378,000
2 John Cynn USA $252,000
3 Aaron Van Blarcum USA $168,000
4 Cary Katz USA $105,000
5 Wai Leong Chan Malaysia $84,000
6 Stephen Chidwick UK $63,300

Event #2 Sam Trickett –  $435,000

Sam Trickett
Sam Trickett – Photo partypoker

British pro, Sam Trickett, claimed victory for Event #2 of the partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series adding $435,000 to his already $21.3 million in career earnings. With only the top 9 players earning profit for this tournament, 58 entrants battled it out on the felt for a total prize pool of $1,450,000. Coming in to the final table, Malaysian high roller, Ivan Leow held half the chips in play bringing in maximum pressure to his opponents. Trickett, on the other hand, slowly ran up his chip stack as they headed on nose-to-nose in a heads up battle. Trickett’s aggression paid off after setting Leow in with ace-four offsuit against his opponent’s ace-queen of hearts. Unfortunately for Leow, four spades on the deck brought Trickett a flush, sending him $290,000 for the runner-up spot.

Full payouts below

Place Player Country  Prize
1 Sam Trickett United Kingdom  $435,000
2 Ivan Leow Malaysia  $290,000
3 Matthias Eibinger Austria  $203,000
4 Adrian Mateos Spain  $145,000
5 Timothy Adams Canada  $116,000
6 Artur Martirosyan Russia  $87,000
7 Phil Ivey United States  $72,500
8 Paul Phua Malaysia  $58,000
9 Webster Lim Malaysia  $43,500

Event #4 – Mikita Badziakouski – $765,000

Mikita Badziakouski
Mikita Badziakouski – Photo Poker Central

With double the buy-in compared to the first three events of the series, Event #4 brought a bigger payout to Belarusian poker professional, Mikita Badziakouski. This event posted a $50,000 buy-in and 45 entries to create a prize pool of $2,250,000, the largest so far for the duration of the series. The star-studded final table did not stop Badziakouski from emerging victorious and collecting $765,000 in top prize. It seemed long enough as the heads up battle against Artur Martirosyan trickled to three levels of action only reaching an end as Badziakouski successfully rivered his flush against his opponent’s flopped trips. Martirosyan picked up $495,000 for his second place finish, in addition to the $87,000 he took for sixth place in Event #2: $25,000 No Limit Hold’em.


Place Name Country  Prize
1  Mikita Badziakouski Belarus  $765,000
2  Artur Martirosyan Russia  $495,000
3  Luc Greenwood Canada  $337,500
4  Aaron Van Blarcum United States  $225,000
5  Sam Greenwood Canada  $180,000
6  Cary Katz United States  $135,000
7  Wiktor Malinowski Poland  $112,500

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