partypoker continues to push for tournament dominance

There was once a time, not so long ago when PokerStars was the only place to find tournaments which offered life-changing money. The live tournament circuit also saw PokerStars take a lead role in setting up tours with huge prizes. In the last few years though, we are beginning to see an increasing amount of healthy competition among providers of big money tournaments, both live and online. That charge is being led by partypoker, who have endless optimism with guarantees and a clear plan to boost growth through valuing and rewarding their customers while making headlines with their tournament offerings.

partypoker hosts $5 million guaranteed event in Las Vegas

Partypoker 2019 WSOP Las Vegas

Between the 28th of June and the 2nd of July, partypoker will be setting up camp at the Aria Casino and hosting a huge $5 million guaranteed tournament with a $10,300 entry fee.

There will be live satellites running on June 27th, 28th and 29th, with the tournament itself scheduled to have two starting day flights, on the 28th and 29th. Starting flights begin at midday. The tournament is part of partypoker LIVE’s MILLIONS tour and will allow players a single entry on each of the two starting days.

John Duthie, who is President of partypoker LIVE said: “The poker team at ARIA is well known for being genuinely passionate about the game. We believe they see things the same way we do and that it’s not all business, it is about listening to players and growing the game”

This event should act as the perfect warm-up for players waiting for the WSOP Main Event to begin. This will be the first ever Las Vegas event hosted by partypoker.

partypoker quadruples up with $20 million MILLIONS online

Millions partypoker

With a $5 million live event already scheduled in Las Vegas, partypoker has given players one more reason to get excited about poker this summer. Before a card has even been dealt in that particular tournament extravaganza however, partypoker is setting its sights on the winter months by announcing the online version of its MILLIONS tournament. This will quadruple the guarantee of its Vegas counterpart.

That’s $20 million in the prize pool as a minimum, for a tournament which promises to be one of the online highlights of the year for those who enjoy big poker tournaments. This tournament is currently scheduled for November 24th to December 4th and will likely see an entry fee of $10,300.

Recognised as being only the second biggest online poker room in terms of player population, it is bold for partypoker to reach this deep into its pockets for a guarantee, having first done so with last year’s $20 million MILLIONS event.

This was a four-fold increase on the inaugural online MILLIONS tournament which had taken place the previous year. The 2018 MILLIONS online event still stands as the biggest prize pool ever seen online.

Article by Craig Bradshaw