Off Topic: Polk Challenges Dwan, Kassouf Slowrolls and Poker Rooms Burn

Polk challenges durrrr to $5 million heads-up duel

Having become famous in recent years for his online video content, the poker world could easily have forgotten just how good Doug Polk is as a player. During the summer however, he reminded everyone just what he’s all about by taking down the $111,111 High Roller at the WSOP for over $3.8 million.

Clearly though, Polk feels like he can do more to remind us of his skills, as he has now thrown down the gauntlet to Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan and challenged him to a $5 million heads-up match.


If Dwan takes Polk up on his challenge, it will undoubtedly start with a bang. That bang will of course be the sound of Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates’ head exploding in a fit of rage, as he has been waiting 7 years for the ‘durrrr challenge’ between him and Dwan to conclude.

For Dwan to take up a new challenge with another pro rather than make progress with the once exciting, but now terminally boring durrrr challenge would be a slap in the face for Cates. This makes it unlikely the Polk challenge will materialise.

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Kassouf slowrolls quads on live stream

William Kassouf first made headlines during the 2016 WSOP when his constant trash talking and tanking infuriated fellow players. It seems Kassouf has been working on his game since then however, adding the slowroll to his repertoire of moves that make opponents want to strangle him. While we can respect his ‘nine high like a boss’ moments, William Kassouf’s slowroll with quad sixes against a flopped full house turned a one minute hand into an eight minute one, which has to be annoying for the other players.

In his defence, Kassouf told everyone he had quads throughout the hand, but of course, when someone puts far more words into each street than they do chips, nobody really listens. Kassouf’s opponent seemed to accept the slowroll with a nonchalant calmness, which was admirable, considering his chances to win the money back would be minimal with the table playing around seven hands per hour.

Poker game heats up in New York

If the indictment against them is to be believed, a gang of criminals from eastern Europe have apparently misunderstood the phrase “firing up a few tables” in New York this week, allegedly setting a rival  underground poker club ablaze.

Four of the six people involved have been charged with crimes linked to arson, with two residents ending up trapped on the third floor of the building. It remains unclear whether those who were allegedly involved intended to trap on third, or why they may have colluded with each other. All we know is, once the smoke clears, the building will be have to be checked to see if it has been razed.


Article by Craig Bradshaw