Off Topic: Negreanu launches YouTube Channel, Hellmuth and Ingram write books

Negreanu launches YouTube channel

After a 2016 which we will describe in kind terms as ‘complicated’ Negreanu has eagerly set about trying to accomplish some of his goals for 2017. One of those goals is to start producing more content for the fans he still has left after some equally ‘complicated’ twitter rows during election time.

Negreanu has stated that on Mondays, he will be giving out poker tips; a well advised shift away from voting tips. Thursdays will see Negreanu break down key hands from notable tournaments. He has also given subscribers something else to get ecstatic about, as they can expect vlogs too, in which he will record himself wandering about and doing unspecified things.

Hellmuth aims for New York Times best-seller list

Phil Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth has briefly interrupted his busy reign as the world’s greatest poker player to attempt to become a great author. He won’t have to delve too deeply into his own imagination to write the book (no more deeply than normal anyway) as he already has a ready-made, riveting, timeless story in his mind – that of his own life.

Hellmuth tweeted “Man, what is the reward for writing my autobiography “Poker Brat” from 1am until 7am? I know what I want: New York Times best-seller list”

Informing the world of the great things he has achieved and how he achieved them is an important task for the fourteen-time WSOP bracelet winner, and he clearly sees a need to articulate those facts in the written form as well as spoken. 

Joe Ingram writes and publishes a book in 11 days

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Joe Ingram

As soon as Hellmuth’s tweet landed, his thunder was already being stolen by poker player and prop bettor, Joe Ingram. The young poker player undertook a bet to write and publish a 40,000 word book for the tiny wager of $2,000, spread between two prominent sports bettors.

He won of course, triumphantly publishing his book under the title “Chasting the Dream”.

It is unknown whether he is the first author ever to publish a book with a spelling mistake in the title, but he apparently streamed the final triumphant moments of his writings, during which he danced in a dark room beneath neon disco lights.

With Negreanu’s vlog in the pipeline, and the prospect of Hellmuth’s autobiography being out-sold by an illiterate, sleep-deprived man dancing bizarrely in a chair during his own private disco – we have something of a mixed month ahead.

Article by Craig Bradshaw