Off Topic: Lex wins Stadium Series event live on Twitch; Highlight poker video of a 6-year old; Bill Perkins engaged; ‘Naked Bandit’ banned from Vegas casinos

In this column we deliver you the latest and most interesting news and gossip from our favourite poker people.

Lex wins Stadium Series event live on Twitch

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Team PokerStars Online member Lex Veldhuis is the most successful streamer on poker Twitch and he keeps adding reasons for it to stay this way.

Yesterday, the Dutchman didn’t just go ahead to win a $2,100 Stadium Series event for $96,143, he also chopped the $530 Bounty Builder High Roller event for over $13,000 in front of a peak audience of 24,955 Twitch viewers.

Way to go, Lex!

Highlight poker video of a 6-year old

And while we’re at YouTubers… Poker vlogger TrevorRaising The NutsSavage had made a number of fun videos in the past having his two kids join in as actors, acting out some typical poker scenes and creating cute and funny imitations of known poker personalities.

Now, Trevor’s son Andrew turned 6 and is celebrated with a highlight reel on Social Media:

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Bill Perkins engaged

We have more to celebrate in the poker community. In a very efficient but still romantic fashion poker’s favourite rich person Bill Perkins announced his engagement to his beautiful longterm girlfriend Lara Sebastian on Instagram.

“She said yes!!!”

We’re of course joining in with the poker community in saying congratulations and all the best.

‘Naked Bandit’ banned from Vegas casinos

Do you remember that guy that pulled down his pants in the middle of the WSOP Main Event at the Rio last year? Not just that, he took off a shoe and threw it at an opponent.

But that’s not all: after being kicked out of the Rio he found himself standing on top of a craps table at the Luxor again pulling his pants down exposing himself to staff and fellow gamblers. Besides an earthquake this was probably the most talked about topic at the 2019 WSOP.

Kenneth Strauss
Apparently, this man called Kenneth Strauss, continued with similar activities throughout Vegas until finally being arrested on 27th July.

Almost one year later he was now trialled and can be lucky not to see jail for his misdemeanor. Instead he must undergo mental health treatment and is banned from Clark County and all Las Vegas casinos for two years.