Off Topic: Joey Ingram back on YouTube; Mathusow’s Online Poker tilt; Negreanu’s Online Poker Tilt; WSOP moment captured on video

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Joey Ingram back on YouTube

Joe Ingram
Joe Ingram

Despite the Corona crisis being a good chance to create online content like YouTube videos, poker’s favourite video podcaster Joey Ingram had been absent from the public eye for about two to three months.

But now he’s back. ChicagoJoey made the return not with one of his signature podcasts, but a video about how it is now playing live poker in this new reality. Since then he has produced a couple of videos about online play and now finally the podcasts are back.

In the last week Joey published three interviews with big names of the game discussion the state of poker in the light of a global pandemic.

The first podcast was with high stakes poker player, casino owner, and partypoker partner Rob Young, then Joey spoke to young poker legend Fedor Holz and finally with Isaac Haxton.

The poker world is happy to see Joey back “in the content streets” and is hoping he will stick around for longer this time round.

Matusow’s Online Poker tilt

Mike Matusow is losing it again and this time with a public meltdown on a live stream. ‘The Mouth’ was playing a $1,000 Freezout tournament when he was supposedly slow rolled by the eventual winner of the event, Allen “Acnyc718” Chang.

Mike Matusow WSOP slowroll


Matusow then went on a horrible rant, actually calling for stream watchers to find out the player’s real name, which they eventually did and started attacking and threatening Chang on stream and then later also on Twitter.

Mike Matusow tweet

The tweet has since been deleted and Matusow says that things have been settled between the two, though Chang says “The slow roll wasn’t intentional, but the next one might be tho.”

Matusow has been repeatedly losing it in public and the poker community is worried about his health. On a recent episode of the DAT poker podcast, the hosts were calling upon real friends of Matusow to help him as his recent behaviour is more than concerning.

Negreanu’s Online Poker Tilt

And while we’re at online poker tilts… Daniel Negreanu played WSOP Online live on stream as well and his own issues leading to a meltdown. It wasn’t a slow roll, but rather slow internet or otherwise connectivity issues.

Daniel got forced out of a hand in the 2020 WSOP online Event #10: $600 Monster Stack and really showed what he was thinking and feeling about that.

Everybody who has played online poker before knows that feeling when you’re in the middle of a hand and suddenly the computer or the internet (or both) freezes and your Aces are folded right in front of your eyes, or even worse, the elaborate slow play that doesn’t come to a completion because you lose control of technology on the river.

What a beauty to be able to capture raw emotions like this in today’s age where everything is being broadcast in one way or another.

WSOP moment captured on video

To end on a lighter note, not all online poker play moments are tilting. A beautiful video appeared of the moment Ron “MacDaddy15” McMillen turned his online debut into a WSOP bracelet and $188,214 taking down Event #9: $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Max.

These are the moments we were hoping for when thinking about online poker glory and it’s hopefully the first of many to come.