Off Topic: Daniel Negreanu offering more WSOP bracelet bets; Players contemplating quitting poker; Phil Helmuth selling his Vegas house; “Mike Matusow has lost it”

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Daniel Negreanu offering more WSOP bracelet bets

Daniel Negreanu has added to his WSOP bets, looking for even more action.

A few weeks ago he took it to Twitter, offering bets on him winning a bracelet in the year 2020. He made clear that this meant the online offerings on and GGPoker but also live WSOP events should these go forward later this year.

Now he added a 1-on-1 bracelet bet, where anyone can bet that they will win a bracelet and Daniel will not. Daniel put on a cap of $100k per player.

Apparently the take-up on the first bet had not been as overwhelming as Daniel had hoped. It looks like people do believe Daniel is more than capable of binking himself a bracelet this year. The 1-on-1 bet however already got some early takers. SCOOP 2020 phenomenon Conor Drinan is in for both legs of the online series, Patrick ‘plenopads’ Leonard took the bet for the GGPoker leg only as he will not be traveling to the U.S. for the part of the series.

On the “DAT Poker Podcast” Daniel clarified that he is not doing this to motivate himself as he is already highly motivated to do well. He’s rather doing it for fun and entertainment for himself and the poker community.

Players contemplating quitting poker

Las Vegas poker pro Danielle ‘dmoongirl’ Andersen tweeted about her thoughts on quitting poker, looking for other ventures in her life and many other poker players joined the conversation.

Joey Ingram agreed with Danielle. He has been very open on social media about his research on other topics, looking for different content, not just for his YouTube channel, but also for his life in general.

Todd Brunson, son of the legendary Doyle Brunson, has had poker in his life since he was born, replied in a humorous way, but uncomfortably accurate for some people:

Matt Glantz added to the conversation that poker is not a focus in his life anymore:

In the end it all comes down to balance. Many poker players have gone through this in the past, trying to find “a way out”, but what they were really looking for was a way to mix it up and just lessen the focus on poker a bit.

Phil Helmuth selling his Vegas house

The ‘Poker Brat’ Phil Helmuth has posted about selling his house on Twitter.

The Las Vegas Country Club property at 2909 Bel Air Drive has been known to the poker community since this legendary #POSITIVITY video.

Phil Helmuth #POSITIVITY

A Twitter user posted a screenshot of the property information, stating that it is in pre-foreclosure. This would mean that mortgage payments had not been made, and so poker Twitter started discussing if Helmuth was broke. If any of this is true, however, was not confirmed and could be a rumour.


“Mike Matusow has lost it”

Poker pro Allen Kessler posted screenshots and quotes on social media by Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow with the caption “Mike Matusow has lost it”.

Amongst other disturbing posts Matusow has been comparing wearing face masks to abortion and it does beg the question if Kessler is right. Has Mike Matusow lost it?

The strange politicisation in the U.S. of wearing face masks has been one of the main topics Matusow has been going on about on Twitter, “What’s funny is all the sheep who go crazy if we don’t wear a mask yet 3 months ago cdc and who said mask are bad! Now ask yourself why did it change if you want the answer I’ll be first to tell all you sheep by you won’t listen”.

Lost it or not, Matusow did tweet recently that he will not post any more political opinions on social media going forward, though his tweet itself shows that this promise is probably not going to last very long: