3 Non-Poker Games That Poker Players Will Also Enjoy


In the same way that poker players are continuously growing their playing aptitude, chess players train intensely.

Poker players are extremely loyal to the classic game of strategy and enjoy playing it regularly. Poker is a game that is ‘easy to learn, yet difficult to master’, which means that consistent practice is key in getting ahead. But even loyal poker aficionados take time out from the game every now and again. So, which games could poker players enjoy when they aren’t busy on the felt? The first that comes to mind is slot games. Poker fans enjoy slots because they can be played in shorter sessions and provide a fun gameplay experience. Additionally, because online slots are growing in volume in the virtual world, there is no shortage of options and offers. For example, the leading provider oddschecker has dozens of different bonuses like free spins that can be claimed on different games.

Slots provide a nice break from poker yet can still be played in most casinos which ensures easy accessibility. However, sometimes players won’t find themselves next to a computer or in these glamorous playing establishments but will still want to get their game on. Here are two other non-poker activities that will be appealing to poker fans of all stripes and which can be enjoyed with only one other player.


Chess may be nothing like poker in terms of equipment needed, yet the two share a distinct quality: practice makes perfect. Chess players must employ their own skills and strategies to succeed, improving as they go. The game also requires absolute concentration and awareness of the board at all times, in the same way that poker players must always pay attention in order to decide on the right move. Thinking ahead is a common skill here, so poker players that engage in chess will be able to practice this aspect of gameplay.


backgammon-strategy-play Backgammon is a game that has roots in Ancient Persia, with its history dating back over 5,000 years.


Backgammon is an ancient game of strategy that has traveled through many countries and spaces to reside where it does today in people’s homes and the gaming world in general. Similarly to poker, the rules and gameplay behind backgammon are not complicated to learn, but really getting good at the game takes extra effort. Many poker players have been known to love backgammon as it possesses a similar competitive and entertaining nature. In fact, Danish-born star player Gus Hansen, the first to win three WPT open tournaments, actually started his career out as a backgammon player before transitioning to poker.