NBA legend Paul Pierce creates social media uproar after controversial poker video

With the world wrapped up in the whole Covid-19 situation, it appears some individuals have been spending their time focused on recreational activities to escape reality. Last Friday night’s events as featured by NBA All-Star Paul Pierce, seemed to be exceptionally intriguing as his followers caught a sneak peek in the basketball icon’s recent festivities. Currently employed as an ESPN analyst, followers and peers are currently buzzing with the content posted, deeming the stream inappropriate and obviously too crazy.

Paul Pierce generates outrage after streaming private game

The video, as reposted below by Joey Ingram, broke the internet Saturday morning as thousands of fans viewed the NBA legend’s controversial video on social media. In a bold move, Pierce revealed a snippet of their private home game whilst enjoying the company of a few exotic dancers in the background.

In the livestream which was followed by over 300 followers at the time it was posted, Pierce can be seen sitting at a poker table and getting a neck massage from a half-naked lady. He was also evidently smoking and taking shots with the women in the gathering. Married with three children, several fans commented upon seeing another performer dancing provocatively while other partygoers continued on throwing poker chips in her direction.

Judging from the backlash, Pierce may as well prepare himself for the ramifications of his most recent controversy. ESPN has yet to comment on the issue while fellow NBA players have relentlessly expressed entertaining comments on social media platform, Twitter.

While his peers found his recent stunt amusing, many followers were ultimately disappointed with Pierce’s actions. Pierce is ideally dubbed as a role model for many younger poker fans in addition to having just been announced as a Hall of Fame finalist last month. Shortly following his escapade, Pierce nonchalantly posted a delightful greeting to start the day which attracted over a hundred thousand likes from the community.

A long-time poker enthusiast

Paul Pierce PokerStars
Paul Pierce – Photo PokerStars

Following Pierce’s stellar career in the NBA scene, the icon has since taken poker as a new hobby and has appeared in a few high stakes games in the past year or so. Basketball players such as Pierce are no strangers to poker’s overall alluring factor with stars such as Tony Parker, David Lee, Earl Barron, Tim Duncan, Shawn Marion and Russell Westbrook having likewise taken their shot on the felt.

In 2019, Pierce joined the industry’s top professional poker players as they gathered for the prestigious PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) in the Bahamas. Having joined the $25,000 buy-in event, Pierce engaged in friendly banter with Italian high stakes pro, Mustapha Kanit before ending his run. Evidently, Pierce remained all smiles despite having busted out eventually after losing a much needed flip.

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce – Photo Winamax

Additionally, Pierce appeared on PokerGO’s Poker After Dark series later that year and successfully won $40,000. Pierce started the session strong having doubled up instantly in the first hand with pocket jacks against opponent Alan Keating.

Pierce has long been a poker enthusiast and has been spotted in events such as the World Series of Poker dating as far back as 2013. With the pandemic killing most of the live action in the last year, it’s not a surprise to see high profile regulars such as the ex-Boston Celtics champion engage in private games. However, many would hope these home games be done in a more elegant manner or simply, kept away from the public eye.

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