WPT Prime Cambodia: Richard Marquez bags the Mystery Bounty; Tyler Suansrakaew, Duc Thanh Nguyen win trophies; 16 left at SHR



WPT Prime Cambodia has crossed the halfway mark with Day 6 awarding four more players side event trophies. We have the results of the first three, the PLO results will be posted on the next recap. The biggest winner was Filipino Richard Marquez at the Mystery Bounty for roughly US$ 38K.

Over at the NLH Single Day, Duc Thanh Nguyen gave Vietnam its third win, and at the NLH Hyper Turbo, it was a clutch victory for Tyler Suansrakaew to put Thailand on the board. Also bagging up was the Super High Roller with 16 players remaining out of 51 entries. Australia’s Vincent Huang leads the race.

Richard Marquez wins the Mystery Bounty; Frank Lillis draws biggest bounty

On his second bullet, Richard Marquez rose above the 69 final day Mystery Bounty returnees to win his first solo WPT title. Marquez seized the US$ 33,385 top prize and 11 bounty rewards amounting to US 4,500 for a grand total US$ 37,885.

Richard Marquez

The battle for the title was determined at three-handed when the chip lead switched from Marquez to Australia’s Kiale Matthews, and Hong Kong’s Kong Fung. Matthews looked to be in fine shape to ship it with two prior final table finishes, but was ultimately stopped by Marquez with top two pair over a missed draw.

IMG 8518
Kiale Matthews draws $10K bounty

To capture the win, the final hand was AdAs against Fung’s AhJc. The board was 9s9d5hKc10h. You can read up on the final day action via the LIVE UPDATES

The added enjoyment of this event was hunting down the biggest bounty reward. At the start of the day, only one out of the 69 envelopes was a massive US$ 18,000 reward. The lucky winner was Frank Lillis who had a friend pull it. Lillis finished in 11th place and walked way with a sizable US$ 21,540.

IMG 8458

The Mystery Bounty was the second event scheduled featuring a guarantee and with 550 turning up over three starters, it shattered the $100K offer in place of a richer US$ 266,750 prize pool. 69 reached the money. Click for FULL PAYOUTS 

IMG 8470
Victor Chong draws $10K for Jasven Saigal

Buy in: US$ 550
Guarantee: US$ 100,000
Entries: 550
Prize pool: US$ 266,750
ITM: 69 places


Final table payouts

1 Richard Marquez Philippines $33,835
2 Kong Fung Hong Kong $23,710
3 Kiale Matthews Australia $15,250
4 Jasven Saigal India $10,750
5 Sameer Agarwal India $8,255
6 Piet Pape Germany $6,810
7 Selim Souissi Tunisia $5,655
8 I-Chun Chiu Taiwan $4,510
9 Zaldo Catela Portugal $3,385

Biggest Bounty winners

Frank Lillis $18,000
Kiahle Matthews $10,000
Jasven Saigal $10,000
Jae Kyung Sim $5,000
Sameer Agarwal $5,000

Duc Thanh Nguyen wins NLH Single Day

Duc Thanh Nguyen

Duc Thanh Nguyen ahead dominated the final table of the NLH Single Day to give Vietnam its third win. This was Nguyen’s second final table having finished 5th at the Deepstack NLH.

Buy in: US$ 400
Entries: 168
Prize pool US$ 58,666
ITM: 21 places

1 Duc Thanh Nguyen Viet Nam $15,595
2 Marvin Unsworth Germany $10,217
3 Timothy Nichols USA $6,019
4 Thai Bao Vu Viet Nam $3,664
5 Mark Kline USA $2,828
6 Minkyu Kim Korea $2,344
7 Muhammad Rana Pakistan $2,030
8 Ian Modder Canada $1,789
9 Arun Sriram Namibia $1,559
10 Trent Fechter USA $1,349
11 Thomas Carlin USA $1,349
12 Nithiwat Suphanit Thailand $1,349
13 Tyler Warken Canada $1,144
14 Thi Xuan Ha Tran Viet Nam $1,144
15 Sombath Sok Cambodia $1,144
16 Kentaro Hayashi Korea $950
17 Yasir Yaqoob Pakistan $950
18 William Wong Australia $950
19 Chao-Ting Cheng Taiwan $764
20 Melvin Wei Zong Ng Singapore $764
21 Maulik Shukla India $764

Tyler Suansrakaew overcomes swingy heads up for Hyper Turbo title

Tyler Suansrakaew

First trophy for Thailand with Tyler Suansrakaew outlasting Anton Widjaya at heads up of the NLH Hyper Turbo. With blinds increasing at an incredibly fast 15 minutes, it was below 10 bb average at the final table. In no time, heads up arrived. Big stacked Widjaya was closing in on a title for Indonesia but could not nail it shut. Instead, Suansrakaew caught a lucky runner runner straight with Qh8h on a board 4c9d9h10hJd to beat Kh5s. From there, the lead bounced until the Thailander Suansrakaew seized the victory.

Buy in: US$ 200
Entries: 90
Prize pool US$ 15,539
ITM: 12 places

1 Tyler Suansrakaew Thailand $3,941
2 Anton Widjaya Indonesia $3,940
3 Rahul Marwaha India $1,865
4 Thaolien Eune Laos $1,204
5 Saransh Garg India $932
6 Niko Nyman Finland $738
7 Junwoo Seo Korea $622
8 Kjell Ove Dyb Norway $544
9 Pongkhun Busmongkhon Thailand $493
10 Aristotle Sigua Philippines $451
11 Junggu Kim Korea $420
12 Harsh Bubna India $389

Event 11: WPT Prime Cambodia SHR

Vincent Huang

The $5,300 buy in WPT Prime Cambodia Super High Roller attracted a power lineup of 51 entries for a juicy prize pool of US$ 247,350. Only 16 survived the day’s scheduled 13 rounds. Bagging up the chip lead was Australia’s Vincent HuangAlso making an appearance and advancing with WSOP bracelet winner Jinho Hong. 

The players return on Wednesday March 15 at 1pm to chase down the large US$ 91,520 top prize which is quite a hefty pay jump from 2nd place of US$ 54,417.

Buy in: US$ 5,300
Entries: 51
Prize pool US$ 247,350
ITM: 7 places


1 $91,520
2 $54,417
3 $33,392
4 $23,498
5 $18,551
6 $14,841
7 &11,131

Day 2 – 16 players – stack / bb

1 Vincent Huang 1,535,000 51
2 Florencio Campomanes 1,420,000 47
3 Shardul P 1,320,000 44
4 Leo Soma 1,295,000 43
5 Nevan Yu-Chung Chang 965,000 32
6 Gytis Lazauninkas 910,000 30
7 Brandon Koh 850,000 28
8 Jinho Hong 720,000 24
9 Roman Hrabec 660,000 22
10 Qiu Quang 540,000 18
11 Daniel Smiljkovic 535,000 18
12 Joseph Nelson Adams 525,000 18
13 Richard “Ginge Poker” Sheils 485,000 16
14 Justin Chi-Jen Chu 385,000 13
15 Gary 330,000 11
16 Joshua McCully 280,000 9

On Season XXI WPT Prime Cambodia

WPT Prime Cambodia, in partnership with Connaissance Management, runs from March 9 to 21 at NagaWorld Integrated Resorts in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. A total of 30 tournaments are scheduled and US$ 1 Million in guarantees. To date, ten players have walked away victorious. More trophies up for grabs including the upcoming Main Event $500,000 guaranteed which runs from March 16 to 20. For added enjoyment, there are ample cash games running daily and the Cash Game Bonanza.

Also happening on Wednesday March 15 is the Meet-Up Game with Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen. That begins at 1pm. Click on the link for all the details

Meet-Up Game with Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen

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Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you updates of WPT Prime Cambodia from start to finish.

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