Mustapha Kanit takes back the lead in the Aussie Millions Main Event

Day 3 of the Main Event of the Aussie Millions, the most prestigious poker event in the Southern Hemisphere held at The Crown Casino with a buy-in of A$10,000, ended with 36 players still in the running.

Bubble time at Crown Casino

The minimum amount these runners will receive for making it at the top 36 is A$30,000 with first place receiving a massive A$1.6 Million.

Here is a quick look at what’s happening:

Players left in the Field:  36 players are still in the running and all are assured a minimum of A$30,000.

Average Stack: 603,138 chips

Mustapha Kanit: The Italian player at the top of his country’s all-time money list is once again chip leader going into Day 4.  Unlike what happened in Day 2, Kanit was on a roll winning almost every hand and accumulated a total of 2.318 Million which puts him back on the top of the pack.  He is followed by Marc Macdonnell from Ireland with 1,078,000 chips.

Australians represented at the top:  Taking the place of 3rd, 4th and 5th in chip counts are Aussie players  Luke Roberts (1,073,000 chips), Michael Weiss (1,000,000 chips), and Jeffrey Rossiter (995,000 chips) respectively.  Jeffrey Rossiter is 2nd in Australia’s all-time money list.

Jennifer Tilly: Chip leader at the start of Day 2, Tilly ended Day 3 at 12th place with 704,000 in chips

Feder Holz: Holz is still in the Main Event with 539,000.  He would have been a few places above Tilly’s chip count if he didn’t lose almost 200k in chips to Jeffrey Rossiter.

The Fallen:   Unfortunately, Tony Dunst and Eric Seidel didn’t make it through Day 3 but we will definitely still see them in upcoming events over the weekend.

Live streaming of Day 4 will be available on Twitch with Jason Somerville commentating.  Day 4 will start at 12:30pm with tables 6-handed moving forward.  Play will continue until the final table.

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Chip Counts

1     KANIT, MUSTAPHA 2318000
2     MACDONNELL, MARC 1078000
3     ROBERTS, LUKE 1073000
4     WEISS, MICHAEL 1000000
5     ROSSITER, JEFFREY 995000
6     PEZZANITI, FRANK 892000
7     BANTICK, STEPHEN 880000
8     OLSON, DAVID 836000
10     ZHANG, HAORAN 743000
11     MAROTTA, NINO 742000
12     TILLY, JENNIFER 704000
13     GEORGOULAS, NICK 701000
14     ARISTIDOU, PETROS 638000
15     ALDEMIR, KORAY 579000
16     HAUSEN, TOBIAS 554000
17     HOLZ, FEDOR 539000
18     LIEU, ROBERT 517000
19     DIXON, NICHOLAS 497000
20     DAVIES, SETH 460000
21     KOREN, ARTUR 459000
22     NILLES, CHRISTIAN 459000
23     LAIDLAW, DANIEL 445000
24     JOSEPH, JEREMY 440000
25     SWALLING, STEVEN 424000
26     HAUGHEY, WILLIAM 402000
27     WAKEMAN, MATTHEW 398000
28     NEILSON, DANIEL 360000
29     HEATH, BENJAMIN 353000
30     HUSSAN, RUZMAN 314000
31     CRIVELL, PATRICK 264000
32     PIGNATELLI, RYAN 261000
33     WRIGHT, NICHOLAS 252000
34     RUHA, SAM 225000
35     ESKENAZI, SCOTT 112000
36     ALTMAN, BRIAN 54000

Article by Gabrielle Barredo

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