MTTs on Pokamania (GGNET): Daily Guarantees and Tournament Staking

24/02/17: Article edited to include the US$100,000 Tournament Leaderboard

Like all poker rooms that are part of the rising GGNET Network, Pokamania has unveiled a new daily tournament schedule, an innovative system of staking players and a few days ago an  US$100,000 Tournament Leaderboard.

These changes, combined with our exclusive 35% rakeback deal via our Rewards Club, make Pokamania a premium option for Tournament players.

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Tournament Leaderboard

Pokermania has just announced that starting March 1 the platform will be giving away US$100,000 to the top 500 tournament players on the leaderboard, with the top place getting US$5,000.

Here are the mechanics of how to get a piece of this fantastic promo:

  • All players who play any Tournament or Fortune Spin games will automatically participate in the Tournament Leaderboard.
  • Leaderboard points are given out when players play Tournaments or Fortune Spin games.
    • – Players will receive points for the Tournament Leaderboard based on the number of entrants, the tournament buy-in, and place of finish.
    • – Extra points are given to players who finish in the bubble.
    • – Satellite Tournaments, Private Tournaments, Freerolls do not give out Leaderboard points.
    • – For players who are knocked out before reaching payouts, 1 Leaderboard Point is given for every $1 used to buy into an event.
      • – Players who finish in the bubble receive double the amount of points.
    • – The following formula is used to calculate the Leaderboard points given to players who are in the money.
      • – [Buy-in amount * (total entrants / players place of finish)]
      • – Ex) $100 buy-in tournament, 200 entrants, player finishes 5th -> 100 * (200/5) = 4,000 points
    • Points are accumulated from 00:00 (UTC+0) of the first day to 23:59 (UTC+0) of the last day every month.
      • – Leaderboard points are given to the players when the tournament ends.
        • – Ex) If a tournament started on March 31st and ended on April 1st, the Leaderboard points for the tournament will be accumulated for the April Leaderboard.
      • – Prizes will be transferred to the player’s balance within 5 business days at the beginning of every month.
      • – Leaderboard points reset every month.
    • GGNetwork reserves the right to modify or suspend the promotion at any time

Tournament Staking

Since the beginning, the Asian based network has been releasing updates consistently to improve its product.

The latest feature released by the network is a fully integrated staking platform allowing players to buy and sell shares of their tournaments.

The system is currently working under the following principles:

  • · Players who wish to Sell their Action must first register for a Tournament.
    • – After registering, Sellers (players Selling their Action) must set the percentage of their Action for sale as well as the Mark-up that they are Selling their Action for.​
    • – Players may only Sell their Action while a Tournament is Registering.​
  • · Backers must pay the full amount of the total Stakes they have bought. ​
    • – Stakes must be purchased in increments of 1%. ​
    • – Once a Stake has been purchased, it is non-refundable except in certain specific situations.​

Daily Guarantees

The network has also announced a new tournament schedule.

The daily tournament schedule  guarantees $100,000  across various tournament formats. The guarantee may prove to be beneficial to the players as a lot of tournaments  will have overlays. Another point to note: GGnet is currently offering one of the lowest tournament rake in the industry, which is a 5% commission on most of its tournaments.

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Bonus code: SMPVIP (Compulsory)

Daily Guarantees

Red SeriesRed Series

Event Name Time(UTC+07:00) Buy-in Guarantee
Daily Red $50 18:00 $47.5+2.5 $3,000
Daily Rebuys $30, 4K GTD 19:00 $28.5+1.5 $4,000
Daily Red $80 20:00 $76+4 $5,000
Daily Red $150 21:00 $142.5+7.5 $8,000
Daily Rebuys $50, $5K GTD 22:00 $47.5+2.5 $5,000
Daily Red $100 23:00 $95+5 $5,000

Blue SeriesBlue Series

Event Name Time(UTC+07:00) Buy-in Guarantee
Daily 6-Max $10 00:00 $9+1 $500
Daily Blue $20 01:00 $19+1 $800
Daily Rebuys $5, $500 GTD 01:00 $4.75+0.25 $500
Daily Blue $50 02:00 $47.5+2.5 $2,000
Daily 6-Max $30 02:00 $28.5+1.5 $1,200
Daily Blue $100 03:00 $95+5 $3,000
Daily Blue $10 03:00 $9.5+0.5 $500
Daily Blue $40 04:00 $38+2 $1,500
Daily Rebuys $10, $800 GTD 04:00 $9.5+0.5 $800
Daily Blue $25 05:00 $23.75+1.25 $1,000
Daily Blue $5 06:00 $4.75+0.25 $300
Daily 6-Max $50 07:00 $47.5+2.5 $2,000

Green SeriesGreen Series

Event Name Time(UTC+07:00) Buy-in Guarantee
Daily Green $100 08:00 $95+5 $3,000
Daily Green $10 08:00 $9.5+0.5 $500
Daily Green $40 09:00 $38+2 $1,500
Daily Rebuys $8, $800 GTD 09:00 $7.6+0.4 $800
Daily 6-Max $10 10:00 $9+1 $500
Daily Green $20 11:00 $19+1 $800
Daily 6-Max $40 12:00 $38+2 $1,500
Daily Green $15 13:00 $14.25+0.75 $650
Daily Green $25 14:00 $23.75+1.25 $1,000
Daily 6-Max $20 15:00 $19+1 $800


There are satellites for all Daily Guarantees that run throughout the week.

Play the satellites and win a seat to the events at a much cheaper price.​


Time Buy-in Format
30 min before Main Event 1/5 of the Main Event buy-in Turbo Satellite
1hr 30min before Main Event 1/10 of the Main Event buy-in Satellite
2hr 30min before Main Event 1/50 of the Main Event buy-in Rebuy Satellite

* Note : No Fee is charged for Satellites.

Join Pokamania – 35% Weekly Rabekack

Bonus code: SMPVIP (Compulsory)

Come and join the tournaments at Pokermania NOW!


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