Moorman1 no more: Peter “Belabacsi” Traply tops the online tournament All Time Money List!

For many years, the online tournament throne has been occupied by the same man. Chris “Moorman1” was the first to cross the $10 million in 2013, and $15 million mark for online tournaments in 2018, as far as anyone knew. Now, having been quietly amassing a fortune in online tournament scores for thirteen years, a new champion has stepped out of the shade.

Peter “Belabacsi” Traply becomes the most successful online tournament player in history

Chris Moorman
Peter “Belabacsi” Traply –

The standings at the top of the online tournament tree have remained largely constant for years, with Niklas “lena900” Astedt chasing Chris Moorman for the number one spot. The leaderboard which can be found on PocketFives website, only shows details for players who have chosen to make their numbers public.

Therefore, Hungarian pro Peter “Belabacsi” Traply has arrived overnight to take the crown from Chris Moorman. Most of the poker world clearly thought it highly unlikely that any player could exist who has been operating at the highest level with more success than Moorman over more than a decade and never have made it known. Traply opting to make his results public and turning this leaderboard on its head overnight is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and unforeseen developments to come out of the online world in a long time.

The Hungarian pro has been playing online using the following usernames:

  • Belabacsi (PokerStars / Fullt Tilt)
  • HungarysHero (partypoker)
  • kiskutya23 (888poker)
  • OmeletteduFR ( /

PocketFives Leaderboard: All-Time Earnings 

Username Earnings Cashes
1 Belabacsi $16,727,488 27,347
2 moorman1 $16,116,833 11,407
3 lena900 $15,518,756 7,465
4 C Darwin2 $13,229,022 5,535
5 probirs $12,828,749 6,093
6 Greenstone25 $12,793,245 8,130
7 p0cket00 $12,628,438 9,232
8 Romeopro $12,523,646 9,785
9 r4ndomr4gs $12,318,840 10,843
10 Gettin Daize $12,179,966 13,108


An impressive online volume

While the overall winnings for Traply and Moorman are relatively close, there are significant details in how those winnings have been accumulated. Moorman’s average cash is more than double that of Traply, with $1,411 compared to $612, but the UK pro only has 11,406 cashes to Traply’s 27,347 at the time of writing.

This tells us that Traply has likely been playing lower buy ins at significantly higher volume than Moorman. This is a shock as the players at the very top of this list are clearly putting in a lot of volume, but it seems that Traply has been working harder than all of them since he began his online journey back in 2006.

Live success

Despite his significant online success, Traply has also ventured into the live scene, albeit briefly. He won a WSOP bracelet back in 2009 in the $5,000 Shootout event and took 188th place in the Main Event the previous year.

His bracelet was the first for any player from Hungary, and marked his arrival in the live tournament world. Traply has gone on to collect a total of $918,809 in live tournament cashes.

Article by Craig Bradshaw