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UPoker, with a keen interest in bringing a bigger better poker experience to you has done it again. This time around there is a heap of excitement waiting with 5 new marvelous features. These are features that’ll make you experience a whole new dimension in poker.

Table Felt – Bringing Flavour to your Game

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Starting with the default table felt and floor colours, UPoker is bringing you a variety of free default table colours to choose from. The colours that are displayed on the screen may have an influence on your mood during game-play. While the default table without any customization follows the typical green felt and grey-floor colour, UPoker has enhanced the ability for players to pick from a variety of colours. This new upgrade by UPoker lets you switch between 8 felt colours and 8 floor colours leaving us with 64 possible combinations for you to find your best option.

If you’d like a complete make-over of your poker table you could try the designer table themes.

Mixed games – Thrill & Excitement at the table

Mixed games allow you to play two different games NLH, PLO4, PLO5 & PLO6. at the same table with the same opponents without having to switch on the multi-screen mode or changing tables.

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How? Simple, the table is programmed to run the aforementioned poker variants. The tables can be set to have the player on the dealer button choose the next game variant. If that takes up the precious game-play time, then the table can also be set to have the UPoker system to pick the next game variant at the table randomly or sequentially in an alternating order. For a more thrilling game that is bound to be full of exciting moments you should never miss a chance to play the mixed-games mode in UPoker.

Bomb Pot

Bomb Pot is ready to blow your mind.

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 Bomb pot hands skip past the pre-flop betting stages and gets you right into the action. Before the flop there will be an agreed predetermined bet placed into the pot before the hand is dealt. Once the flop is dealt players will assume the game in a normal fashion. Bomb pots have a tendency to create more action as the players will be competing for the chips in the bomb pot.

Sit n Go – Fast paced Tournament

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Now UPoker players have the perfect game to test their complete array of tournament skills from the early stages to the deepstack playthrough all the way to sitting heads up against a single opponent in the final table. It is an express poker tournament. UPoker even offers an SnG satellite feature that is newly added to increase the dynamics of the game. Now UPoker players get to have a speedier experience of a Satellite Tournament.

Double Board – Increase the odds

Double Board, doubles the flop, turn and river.

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Twice the community cards. Two-times the fun. Experience bigger better poker action with UPoker. Watch your opportunities expand with the new double board feature. Stand a chance to win one or both pots. Multiply the possibilities today at UPoker. May both the flops, turns and rivers be with you!

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Being a free-to-play social poker game application, UPoker takes pride in constantly improving our services the global poker community. Every aspect of game-play and button positions has been thought out with you, the poker lover, in mind. The features elaborated above are as much as our hard work as it is a desire in a UPoker lover’s heart. We dare to create, because the global UPoker community dares to dream. Bringing you the ultimate poker experience is our way of saying, “Thank you for all the love and support”.

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