Mediarex Group partners with Chinese Poker Enterprise

Mediarex, who own the GPI Index and Hendon Mob have announced a new partnership with Chinese Poker Enterprise. This announcement will see changes made to the way in which Asian player rankings are publicised online.

GPImaster Black

Speaking in response to the partnership announcement, GPI Asia CEO Raymond Wong said,

“It will be exciting news for players in Taiwan and Asia; our company had started to promote GPI/THM in Taiwan since 2018 and we had received lots of positive feedback from the poker fans. I believe with this official partnership with GPI/THM, we will certainly be bringing more exciting rankings, events and happenings to the poker fans around Asia”.

GPI/THM President Eric Danis added, “We are so excited to announce this partnership; we’re been working hard with Raymond and his group to make this happen”.

GPI Asia rankings rebranded & GPI Asia Poker Awards

GPI’s Asian rankings used to be included as part of the regular rankings, but they are now set to be rebranded as GPI Masterboard. This will involve Mediarex promoting GPI and Hendon Mob in Asia and will address the imbalances seen in Asian field sizes and buy in levels compared to European tournaments.

Also, the GPI Asian Poker Awards 2019 will go ahead as planned.

The Hendon Mob Championship

Plans are already in place for Chinese Poker Enterprise to host events under the brand The Hendon Mob Championship.

The first edition took place in 2018 and saw players pay a 250 Euros entry fee to play a three-day event which formed part of the Malta Poker Festival. Events are now planned in Asia.

Global Poker League Asia: GPL returns

Global Poker League will also be making its return, with players being drafted into teams to compete for the title of GPL Asia champions. The first edition which involved teams from around the world was discontinued, but the league and draft format remained in a GPL China and GPL India format. The new upcoming GPL Asia will not only be focused on China and India but on all of Asia. Players from across the continent will do battle to decide the new Asian GPL champions.