Master Poker Series concludes with Yu You Ci Tsai crowned at the Main Event; Ori Kossonogi ships two; final results inside

What may possibly be the only known live poker event in the world wrapped up this past weekend. Despite knowing the numbers would be compromised and a local heavy attendance, the Global Poker League and Master Poker Series ran from March 28 to April 5 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Poker Club) in Taipei City. 

On our first report, Team Tainan claimed the GPL title. The second half of the series was highlighted by the MPS Main Event with 49 signing on and Taiwan’s Yu You Ci Tsai navigating to glory. The MPS Challenge Event was another featured event which was claimed by Israel’s Ori Kossonogi. Kossonogi was the only player to win two events. We’ve got all the final festival results for you below. 

MPS Main Event – YU YOU CI TSAI – TW$ 231,000 (~US$ 7,700)

Main Event MPS
Yu You Ci Tsai

49 took their chances at the featured Main Event each one contributing the TW$ 16,500 buy in. Due to the low turnout, the event wrapped up in 3 days. Taiwan’s Yu You Ci Tsai was crowned champion for a TW$ 231,000 payday. This was his first recorded live tournament win. 

This was an impressive result for Tsai who reached the final table of three major events at the CTP Club. His most recent was 3rd place at the APT Taiwan 2020 Championships Event in early March. 

Buy in: TW$ 16,500 (~US$ 550)
Entries: 49
Prize pool: TW$ 641,600 (~US$ 21,300)
ITM: 6 places

1st Yu You Ci Tsai – Taiwan – TW$ 231,000
2nd Yu Chung Chang – Taiwan – TW$ 147,600
3rd Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 96,200
4th Chung Yi Ho – Taiwan – TW$ 70,600
5th Po Han Lin – Taiwan – TW$ 51,300
6th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 44,900

Ori Kossonogi cashes in 6 events with two wins for TW$ 249,500 (~US$ 8,300)

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Ori Kossonogi

One of the few foreign nationals at the festival was Israel’s Ori Kossonogi who did very well throughout. He was the only player to cash an incredible six times of which two were victories. This tagged him as the largest earner of the series, surpassing Main Event winner Yu You Ci Tsai. Listed below are the events he shipped:

Event #4: MPS Challenge Event 

Buy in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 185)
Entries: 63
Prize pool: TW$ 275,000 (~US$ 9,100)
ITM: 7 places

1st Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 90,700
2nd Chen Wei Tseng – Taiwan – TW 57,800
3rd Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – TW$ 38,500
4th Chih Wei Fan – Taiwan – TW$ 30,200
5th Shou Dien Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 22,000
6th Chung Yi Ho – Taiwan – TW$ 19,300
7th Wei Ting Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 16,500

Event #11: MPS NLH Deep Stack Event

Buy in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 185)
Entries: 47
Prize pool: TW$ 204,100 (~US$ 6,800)
ITM: 6 places 


1st Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 73,700
2nd Pi Ying HSu – Taiwan – TW$ 46,200
3rd Wei Siang Lin – TW$ 30,800
4th Chen Yi Liu – Taiwan – TW$ 22,600
5th Tien Wei Yao – Taiwan – TW$ 16,400

6th Jui Wei Hsu – Taiwan – TW$ 14,400

Event #10: MPS Single Day High Roller

Despite a small crowd at the series, the MPS Single Day High roller was still able to bring in 10 entries. Capturing the win was well known local high roller Chi Jen Chu adding TW$131,000 (~US$ 4,400) to his live tournament winnings. 

Buy in: TW$ 33,000 (~US$ 1,100)
Entries: 10 
Prize pool: TW$ 261,900 (~US$ 8,700)
ITM: 3 places

1st Chi Jen Chu – Taiwan – TW$131,000 (~US$ 4,400)
2nd Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 78,500
3rd Po Chun Chang – Taiwan – TW$ 52,400

Event #13: MPS Closing Event

63 took to the felt for the MPS Closing Event each one looking to claim that last title and trophy. The player envied was Ming Syue Yang who defeated fellow players for the TW$ 60,400 first prize. This was Yang’s first recorded live win and largest live tournament score. 

Buy in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 185)
Entries: 63
Prize pool: TW$ 183,300 (~US$ 6,100)
ITM: 7 places

1st Ming Syue Yang – Taiwan – TW$ 60,400 (~US$ 2,000)
2nd Philip Wang – Taiwan – TW$ 38,500
3rd Chun An Chou – Taiwan – TW$ 25,700
4th Tsai Ming Ching – Taiwan – TW$ 20,200
5th Sun Chen Chou – Taiwan – TW$ 14,700
6th Sheng An Huang – Taiwan – TW$ 12,800
7th Tzu Ting Huang – Taiwan – TW$ 11,000

Other Results

Event #6: MPS Deep Stack Turbo 

Buy in: TW$ 4,000 (~US$ 135)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: TW$ 99,000 (~US$ 3,300)
ITM: 5 places

1st Fu Lin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 39,600 (~US$ 1,300)
2nd Yu Xuan Zheng – Taiwan – TW$ 23,800
3rd Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – TW$ 15,800
4th Huang Hsiu Chi – Taiwan – TW$ 11,900
5th He Gro Rong – Taiwan – TW$ 7,900

Event #8: MPS Deep Stack Turbo 

Buy in: TW$ 4,000 (~US$ 135)

Entries: 54
Prize pool: TW$ 157,100 (~US$ 5,200)
ITM: 7 places

1st Chin Te Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 51,800 (~US$ 1,700)

2nd Philip Wang – Taiwan – TW$ 33,000
3rd Mika Tung – Taiwan – TW$ 22,000
4th Unknown – Taiwan – TW$ 17,300
5th I Le Lee – Taiwan – TW$ 12,600
6th Ming Tsang Lin – Taiwan – TW$ 11,000
7th Y Min Chang – Taiwan – TW$ 9,400

Event #9: MPS Deep Stack Turbo 

Buy in: TW$ 4,000 (~US$ 135)
Entries: 40
Prize pool: TW$ 116,400 (~US$ 3,900)

ITM: 5 places

1st Dai Hsueh Lin – Taiwan – TW$ 46,500 (~US$ 1,500)
2nd Shih Hung Yu – Taiwan – TW$ 28,000
3rd Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 18,600
4th Meng Ting Jhong – Taiwan – TW$ 14,000
5th Chin Te Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 9,300

Event #12: MPS Pot Limit Omaha Event

Buy in: TW$ 4,000 (~US$ 135)
Entries: 22
Prize pool: TW$ 64,000 (~US$ 2,100)
ITM: 4 places

1st Chi Hung Ho – Taiwan – TW$ 27,500 (~US$ 915)
2nd Chung Yi Ho – Taiwan – TW$ 17,300
3rd Philip Wang – Taiwan – TW$ 10,900
4th Chung Chieh Kang – Taiwan – TW$ 8,300

For players in Taipei looking to get their live tournament fix, the poker room is open. Another event is up and running until April 12. Just head to the CTP Club facebook page for all the info. The venue’s Daily Deep Stack is also offered. 

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