Manila Megastack: Lisa Tan Meiling becomes first woman to win the Main Event; many big names claim side event titles

Over the past ten days, running from May 24 to June 2, PokerStars LIVE Manila held the 12th edition of their highly popular Manila Megastack series at Okada Manila. 26 events were up for grabs. Numerous well known players lifted trophies with some even bringing home two for the shelf.

Stealing the ultimate spotlight was Singapore’s Lisa Tan Meiling for her victory at the Main Event. Not only did Meiling capture her first-ever live tournament title, she also became the first woman to ever win the Manila Megastack Main Event. We have the results below along with winners of other events.

Lisa Tan Meiling wins the Main Event

The Main Event offered a P10 Million (~US$ 193,000) guarantee for a buy-in of P33,000 (~US$ 650). With a very strong turnout of 485 entries, the guarantee was easily surpassed to create a final prize pool of P13,972,365 (~US$ 270,000). After three days of action, Singapore’s Lisa Tan Meiling closed it out after she defeated China’s Yuanchao Li at heads up. Meiling shipped P3,186,000 (~US$ 61,600), the largest live tournament payout of her poker career.

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Lisa Tan Meiling – PokerStars Asia

Final 9 payouts
1st Lisa Tan Meiling – Singapore – P3,186,000
2nd Yuanchao Li – China – P1,942,000
3rd Kunal Jain – India – P1,179,000
4th Mani Singh Gurditta – India – P888,000
5th Jason Kyle Magbanua – Philippines – P624,500
6th Seokchul Hwang – Korea – P485,500
7th Olivier Duran – France – P395,500
8th Rommel Angeles – Philippines – P333,000
9th Gerardo Lubas Sr. – Philippines – P277,500

The Main Event paid out 59 players. In addition to the top 9 above, notable players reaching the money were: Terry Gonzaga (10th), Cao Ngoc Anh (23rd), David Erquiaga (36th), Kong Seungsu (48th), Mike Takayama (49th), Anthony Abram (51st), and Richard Marquez (57th).

Two time champions 

The festival saw four players leave with two trophies to brag about. Here were the players and their achievements at the series:

Ankit Jajodia – India

Ankit Kumar Jajodia
Ankit Kumar Jajodia – PokerStars Asia

India’s Ankit Jajodia had a fantastic run at the series. He improved on his previous Manila Megastack performance back in December. Jajodia won two events and cashed at the Main Event in 42nd place and Saturday Superstack in 3rd place.

His first victory was at the Kickoff (3 Million Guarantee) that drew 406 runners for a prize pool of P4,158,739 (~US$ 80,400). The top 49 places claimed a cut. Jajodia earned P632,700 (~US$ 12,200) after a three-way deal for his largest live tournament payout.

Final 9 payouts

1st Ankit Jajodia – India – P632,700 (deal made)
2nd Christopher Mateo – Philippines – P602,800 (deal made)
3rd Anthony Abram – Australia – P670,500 (deal made)
4th Thijs Hilbert – USA – P281,000
5th Jimmie Javier – Philippines – P208,000
6th Manuel Mascuana – Philippines – P167,000
7th Jasper David – Philippines – P136,000
8th Duy Ho – USA – 115,000
9th Gerardo Lubas Sr. – P95,000

Jajodia captured a second title and added another P74,605 (~US$ 1,440) to his winnings. He bested the 25 player field of the No Limit Hold’em Freezeout Hyper Turbo. For his 42nd place at the Main Event, he pocketed P69,500 (~US $1,300), and for his 3rd finish at the Saturday Superstack, he claimed P414,910 (~US$ 8,000).

Mike Takayama – Philippines

Mike Takayama
Mike Takayama – PokerStars Asia

WSOP bracelet champion, Mike Takayama from the Philippines, cashed in several events at the series among them were two victories. His first takedown was at the P10K No Limit Hold’em Knockout – Single Re-entry, 65 signed on with only 7 getting a return. The top 4 players struck a deal. Takayama was awarded P110,000 (~US$2,100). His other victory payout was slightly smaller. He won P96,300 (~US$ 1,800) at the P6K NLH Single Re-entry besting a field of 56 entries.

Richard Mari – United Kingdom

Richard Mari
Richard Mari – PokerStars Asia

UK’s Richard Mari was another multi winner at the series. He won the P15K Six Handed Turbo Freezeout that saw 37 players for a prize pool of P484,515 (~US$ 9,300). Mari and Richard Marquez struck a deal at heads up. Mari pocketed P148,600 (~US$ 2,800) while Marquez picked up P130,000.

Two days later, Mari was at it again. He shipped the P25K Pot Limit Omaha Re-Entry for P246,100 (~US$ 4,700). This event attracted 40 players for a prize pool of P873,000 (~US$ 17,000).

Kazuyuki Tanemura – Japan

Kazuyuki Tanemura
Kazuyuki Tanemura – PokerStars Asia

The last player to bag two titles was Japan’s Kazuyuki Tanemura. He won P71,600 at the P20K No Limit Hold’em Super Knockout Turbo after striking a heads up deal with Christopher Mateo. Tanemura followed that up with an even larger payout win of P410,250 (~US$ 7,900) at the Saturday Superstack P1 Million guaranteed. This event drew 118 entries for a smashing prize pool of P2,0650,278. The top 3 players struck a deal.

Other winners

There were many other winners throughout the festival, two notable players that rose to glory were Philippines’s John Tech and Singapore’s Alex Lee. For Tech, he overcame a field of 67 players at the P55K NL Hold’em Freezeout event – Shot Clock – with a P3 Million guarantee. The prize pool slightly exceeded the guarantee at P3,217, 005 (~US$ 62,200). Tech shipped the lion’s share P1,061,505 (~US$ 20,500). He bested fellow countryman Lester Edoc at heads up.

As for Singaporean pro Alex Lee, he took down the Single Day High Roller – Shot clock that dragged in only 17 contenders. Four of them earned a piece of the P 1,484,100 (~US$ 28,700) with Lee awarded P623,000 (~US$ 12,000).

Article by Tricia David