Manila Megastack 17: Six more spade trophies awarded to side event winners Masakazu Miyamoto, Takashi Kawauchi, Zhuoyue Cen, Ashley Patterson, John Matsuda, and Jeongyeon Kim


The Manila Megastack 17 festivities running at the PokerStars hub in Okada Manila, Philippines is playing through its 40-event lineup and crowned another six champions within the past two days. Tournament winners Masakazu Miyamoto, Takashi Kawauchi, Zhuoyue Cen, Ashley Patterson, John Matsuda, and Jeongyeon Kim emerged victorious across the smaller field side events and claimed top payouts for their wins. The single day tournaments welcomed its bout of international and local runners making it a fun-filled and action-packed affair through and through.

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Event #23: ₱15K Deepstack: Masakazu Miyamoto – PHP 299,340 (~USD 5,380)

23deepstack57 1
Masakazu Miyamoto

The earliest tournament on schedule, Event #23: ₱15K Deepstack recorded 85 total entries to bring the prize pool up to seven figures. With only 11 players guaranteed a payout, Japan’s Masakazu Miyamoto fiercely dominated the tables, delivering the bubble and guaranteeing the rest a minimum payout of PHP 27,200 (~USD 480). Miyamoto served as the chip leader from start to finish and cruised through to heads up play against South Korea’s Jinsung Chung with a 10:1 chip advantage. Chung, who was unable to overcome his opponent, settled for a runner up finish after his Kh3d crashed into Miyamoto’s QdQc for the tournament’s final hand. Miyamoto bags the win and takes with him PHP 299,340 (~USD 5,380) in winnings for his relentless run.

Date: December 8, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 15,000 (~USD 270)
Prize pool: PHP 1,088,340 (~USD 19,590)
Entries: 85
ITM: 11 players

Event #23: ₱15K Deepstack Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 Masakazu Miyamoto Japan ₱ 299,340
2 Jinsung Chung Korea, South ₱ 212,800
3 Wipat Udomkanjananan Thailand ₱ 139,300
4 Runa Yasuzawa Japan ₱ 107,200
5 Yongsu Lim Korea, South ₱ 84,900
6 Keisure Nozaki Japan ₱ 66,400
7 Shota Shikanai Japan ₱ 52,200
8 Jazz Ngiratumerang Guam ₱ 40,800
9 Wai Chiu Cheng Hong Kong ₱ 31,000
10 Paul Yugendra Malaysia ₱ 27,200
11 David Howard United Kingdom ₱ 27,200

Event #24: High Roller Knockout: Takashi Kawauchi – PHP 321,400 (~USD 5,780)

Takashi Kawauchi

Clinching a second title in the series, Mini High Roller champion and Single Day High Roller runner-up finisher Takashi Kawauchi claimed another trophy after beating China’s Zhiqiang Liu in heads up play. Liu sat with a monster stack just before the money bubble burst by the hands of Kawauchi. The Japanese runner eliminated Niroshan Loganathan in an all-in preflop situation where his 5d6d flopped a straight to crush his opponent’s Qs10h. From there, Kawauchi rode this momentum and went on to bust Kirill Gladchenko in third place to get to heads up. The final hand saw Kawauchi take it down with Kc3c after outrunning Liu’s AsKh for a turned flush on 6c7cQh5c9d. Kawauchi bags the victory and cashed in on six PHP 25,000 (~USD 450) bounties in addition to his PHP 321,400 (~USD 5,780) first place payout.

Date: December 8, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 100,000 (~USD 1,800)
Prize pool: PHP 642,400 (~USD 11,560)
Entries: 10
ITM: 3 players

Event #24: High Roller Knockout Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 Takashi Kawauchi Japan ₱ 321,400
2 Zhiqiang Liu China ₱ 193,000
3 Kirill Gladchenko Russia ₱ 128,000

Event #25: Knockout Turbo: Zhuoyue Cen – PHP 247,020 (~USD 4,440)

Zhuoyue Cen

Date: December 8, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 25,000 (~USD 450)
Prize pool: PHP 784,320 (~USD 14,110)
Entries: 48
ITM: 7 players

Event #25: Knockout Turbo Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 Zhuoyue Cen Singapore ₱ 247,020
2 Gilson Chan Singapore ₱ 178,400
3 William Teoh Malaysia ₱ 113,700
4 Chen Chien Wen Taiwan ₱ 86,300
5 Shawn Jie Singapore ₱ 66,700
6 Takasugi Akira Japan ₱ 51,000
7 Po Hsun Liao Taiwan ₱ 41,200

Event #27: SuperStack Freezeout: Ashley Patterson – PHP 363,360 (~USD 6,540)

27superstack40 1
Ashley Patterson

APPT Manila Kick Off champion Ashley Patterson claimed victory at Event #27: SuperStack Freezeout after outlasting the 54 entry field to bank the lion’s share of the PHP 1,152,360 (~USD 20,800) prize pool. Patterson was seen amongst the short stacks during bubble time but managed to steal the blinds a total of four times to bounce back in the game. Patterson went on to eliminate Christopher Mateo as the bubble and rise to chip lead status following the bust. Mateo lost a huge pot just a level back after running into Yokoo Kazuoshi’s QsQc then proceed to get his remaining chips in with AhQd against Patterson’s AcJh. The board ran a one card straight to Patterson’s jack, leaving the rest to cash in a return on their buy-ins. With newfound ammo, Patterson went on to secure the title after defeating Japan’s Yuta Kawakami in heads up play to claim the PHP 363,360 (~USD 6,540) top prize.

Date: December 9, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 25,000 (~USD 450)
Prize pool: PHP 1,152,360 (~USD 20,800)
Entries: 54
ITM: 7 players

Event #27: SuperStack Freezeout Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 Ashley Patterson United Kingdom ₱ 363,360
2 Yuta Kawakami Japan ₱ 262,000
3 Rommel Angeles Philippines ₱ 167,000
4 Kazuyoshi Yokoo Japan ₱ 127,000
5 Yusuke Ueda Japan ₱ 98,000
6 Darren Yu Philippines ₱ 75,000
7 Yoshinobu Kusano Japan ₱ 60,000

Event #28: Super Knockout Turbo: John Matsuda – PHP 159,904 (~USD 2,870)

John Matsuda

Date: December 9, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 20,000 (~USD 360)
Prize pool: PHP 579,904 (~USD 10,430)
Entries: 82
ITM: 11 players

Event #28: Super Knockout Turbo Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 John Matsuda Japan ₱ 159,904
2 Jung Heesun Korea, South ₱ 113,500
3 Chak Pang Hong Kong ₱ 74,000
4 Kihoon Jeon Korea, South ₱ 57,000
5 Keisure Nozaki Japan ₱ 45,000
6 Gary Sung United States ₱ 35,500
7 Chan Wai Wallac Hong Kong ₱ 28,000
8 Jarod Peter Goodwin United States ₱ 21,500
9 Joseph Chong Singapore ₱ 16,500
10 David Howard United Kingdom ₱ 14,500
11 Peter Magnus Karlsson Sweden ₱ 14,500

Event #30: Short Deck Turbo: Jeongyeon Kim – PHP 102,176 (~USD 1,830)

Kim Jongyeon

A Short Deck event was added into the mix and saw 19 entries battle it out for a piece of the PHP 243,276 (~USD 4,390) pot. Japan’s Tsujisaka Tetsuya bubbled in 5th place after his micro stack was called by both Singapore’s Wilfred Allais and chip leader Kim Jongyeon. Kim ran a straight with KcQd to knock out Tetsuya and guarantee everyone a minimum payout of PHP 29,200 (~USD 525). Kim then carried out to bust Hong Kong’s Chan Wai Wallac and Allais in 3rd and 4th place respectively to reach heads up play against South Korea’s Jungkyu Lee. The final two instead agreed on a deal and evenly chopped the payouts, leaving the trophy for Kim considering his 4:1 chip advantage.

Date: December 9, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 15,000 (~USD 270)
Prize pool: PHP 243,276 (~USD 4,390)
Entries: 19
ITM: 4 players

Event #30: Short Deck Turbo Turbo Full Payouts

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP)
1 Jeongyeon Kim Korea, South ₱ 102,176
2 Jungkyu Lee Korea, South ₱ 68,100
3 Chan Wai Wallac Hong Kong ₱ 43,800
4 Wilfred Allais Singapore ₱ 29,200

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