Huy Pham is the new APT RWM Champion

RWM Main Event Final Table

In case if you miss it : Read Day 3 summary here 

The final table started few minutes ago. A new APT champion will be crowned today. Current chip leader is Huy Pham from Vietnam. 


8 Players for one title

Prizepool : 

1st : Php 3,185,000 ($71,468)

2nd : Php 1,818,000  

3rd :  Php 1,225,000 

4th : Php 864,000 

5th : Php 696,000 

6th: Php 554,000 

7th: Php 438,000 

8th: Php 348,000


Azusa Maeada is the first player eliminated ! After defending his big blind with 7s8h vs Tsuchikawa min-raise, he moved All-in on the turn with his top pair (board 5h6c8c 2c) and found himself in very bad posture vs the 3s4s of his opponent. 


End of tournament for Chow Mun Fei. After losing a large part of his stack to John Tech, he shoved his remaining chips UTG with QsJd. Mariakis made the call with AhTh from the BB and  won the pot after Ad7h4h 6c 3c Board. He is now 2nd in chips


No more chips for Eric Sia! He moved All in with his pocket Aces on 5h3h5s board but Jojo Tech who was holding 6h8h made his flush on the river. Eric Sia won Php 554,000 for finishing 7th of the event.


Michael Mariakis won't have any more problem to rearrange his chips. He is out in 5th position after playing agressively his draw. He went all in on the turn holding 8c6c on AcTs3c 9h board but John Tech didn't fold his AT and even improved  his hand on the A river. Few minutes later, Linh Tran busted in 4th position after engaging all chips preflop with A8. He didn't manage to improve his hand vs Tsuchikawa's AJ. 


John Tech is out and collect Php 1,225,000 for his 3rd place. He was holding 88 on a 8d4h2d 5h board when Huy Pham moved All-In with Jd3d. John Tech made the call and unfortunately for him a 9 of diamond ended his tournament


Huy Pham is the new APT RWM Main Event champion !  After calling Tsuchikawa continuation -bet, Huy Pham took the lead on the turn and asked on the river for the remaining chips of his opponenent  on a 5s2dQs 7d 5c board. After a long reflexion, Tsuchikawa made the call and mucked after seeing Huy tabling 2 pairs with Q7. 




Day 3

We are back at Resort Word Manila for an other day of coverage ! All players are now are in the money with one common goal : reaching the final table!


Huy Pham (Vietnam) found an easy way to increase his stack : going All-In Preflop with KK vs JJ


Michael Mariakis is rearranging his stack fater winning a huge pot with a river flush vs Mike Takayama


Mike Takayama is out ! He went all-in with his short stack holding AJ and got called by KsJs and AQ


I am not a bluffer ! After shoving his short stack preflop wihout getting called,  he showed AK


Chips after chips, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa is getting closer to the final tabe


Complicate preflop decision for Huy Pham


10 players left ! Tetsuya Tsuchikawa busted one more player with 88 vs 22 preflop


9 players left ! Huy Pham is running good ! He called the 3bet shove from Hyunshik Yun who was holding AQ and made his straight on the river (4QT29 board)


End of tournament for Bede Connely. We have our final table ! After fighting during 3 days with a short stack, he shoves his pocket 77 from the SB. Tetsuya made the call from the BB  with 55 and flopped a set. 


Day 3 is over : we have our final table!

Huy Pham (Vietnam) 1,218,00

Eric Sia (Philipines)  1,158,000

Linh Tran (Canada) 1,031,000   

Chow Mun Fei (Malaysia) 613,00 

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa (Japan) 548,000

Michael Mariakis (Australia) 543,000

John Tech (Philippines)  384,000

Asuza Maeda (Japan)  287,000




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