Justin Bonomo Love Life: Inside the Poker Pro’s Controversial Polyamorist Lifestyle

Justin Bonomo has made several headlines for his triumphs in his career as a professional poker player through the years. But one thing about him that is rarely discussed in the media but often ends up getting the most attention is his self-confessed polyamorist lifestyle. The 38-year-old high-stakes player has several partners, and he does not hide it.

If you have been following Justin Bonomo on social media for some time, then you may have spotted how he proudly labeled himself “polyamorous” on his X—formerly Twitter—account. Up until around May of this year, his bio read: “I’m a political rights activist, not the poker player; we just have similar names. Polyamorous, progressive, feminist, He/him.” lauded Bonomo’s bold move to proudly include his pronouns in his bio, considering the present landscape of cancel culture. Also remarkable is his openness to share his political views amid the tumultuous political climate and everything that’s happening in certain parts of the world, particularly Gaza. However, nothing in his bio raised more eyebrows than his decision to be vocal about his relationship preference.

Justin Bonomo and Paloma Prieto
Justin Bonomo and Paloma Prieto

In one past interview, Justin candidly expressed his view on having multiple partners, saying he only practices “ethical, responsible, consensual, non-monogamy.” It’s worth noting that he has the means to fund this expensive lifestyle. He is currently no. 2 on The Hendon Mob’s All-Time Money List with his $63,796,147 earnings, just about $3 million shy from snagging the top spot from Bryn Kenney.

Bonomo reportedly owns a luxury penthouse in the luxury skyscraper Panorama Towers on the Las Vegas Strip. It’s where he housed his many girlfriends or wives, keeping them close so he could enjoy the company of his romantic partners at the same time.

What’s even more interesting about Justin’s setup with his multiple partners is the fact that he allows them to also build relationships with other people. After all, he is an ardent advocate of the belief that people should have several romantic partners at the same time to enjoy life, as per Trademate Sports.

Justin Bonomo Instagram post
Justin Bonomo Instagram post

“I’ve watched girlfriends play with other people before, and it’s something I actually enjoy, it turns me on, I’m not possessive at all,” he once said of his unique setup with his girlfriends. “To me, that’s the strongest bond, when you can be emotionally intimate and sexually intimate with them, and you can still talk about other relationships with other people, that’s a really strong, powerful connection.”

About a decade ago, Bonomo, who uses “ZeeJustin” as his moniker online, took to Reddit to address the reactions of social media users to one of his interviews where he got asked about his polyamorous lifestyle. In one thread where users labeled him an “excellent spokesperson” for polyamory, he stressed the importance of discussing such a topic openly.

“I had absolutely no idea she was going to ask me about polyamory. I wish I had time to prepare some talking points. There are definitely a few things I would have said differently. Oh well,” he said in response to his interview shared on the platform before adding, “I know how important it is to present polyamory in a positive light. The stigmas attached to it are a shame, but the solution is as simple as having respectable people talk about it openly.”

At present, it’s not clear if this three-time WSOP bracelet winner still maintains his polyamorous lifestyle. He reportedly moved to Vancouver, BC, in Canada around two years ago. He is still active in live tournaments and online poker, but he has now updated his X bio to reflect that he “used to play poker,” but now he would “just repeatedly point out that genocide is bad.” He is also advocating for #CeasefireNow and #FreePalestine on his social media accounts.

Justin Bonomo - Photo Triton Poker
Justin Bonomo – Photo Triton Poker
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