A promotion-packed month of July with Natural8

For those who are already an integral part of the Natural8 community, July is set to be an exciting month too, with numerous promotions on the way

#1. Flush Jackpot

specialoffers flushjackpot3

Jackpot payouts for huge hands are fairly common in the world of poker, but most of the time, they require the rarest of hands to be completed before a single cent of the money is paid.

With Natural8, things are a little different. While you still get a huge payout for a straight flush or royal flush, you also get paid a portion of the jackpot simply for making a regular flush.

The jackpot percentage payouts are 1% for a flush, 15% for a straight flush and 50% for a royal flush and they apply they across cash game tables where a player has a qualifying hand.

There are a few criteria that must be met, including putting at least 15 big blinds in the pot, but this is clearly an excellent chance for players to earn a little boost during their cash game sessions.

#2. $100K Flush Jackpot Chase


In addition to the flush jackpot promotion, players at Natural8 will have the chance to work their way up the $100K Flush Jackpot Chase leaderboard.

Players will pick up points for hitting qualifying Flush Jackpot hands and will compete for $100,000 in guaranteed cash prizes by moving up the standings.

Players who are busy at the higher stakes will earn a better return of points, but the promotion still allows those at the lower stakes a good chance of winning a piece of the pool.

#3. $10K Invitational Freeroll for tournament players

10k invitational

Tournament players at Natural8 are also set to be treated to promotional offers in July, with a $10K Invitational Freeroll being perhaps the best offering.

All players need to do is to continue playing tournaments and they will pick up tickets for the invitational tournaments which take place every week.

Once the required number of tournament points have been earned, players will be automatically registered for the next invitational tournament, all of which will take place on a Sunday.

#4. Rake Race


Along with the promotions mentioned above, Natural8 are putting up $3,000 in prize money toward their rake race promotion.

VIP members at Natural8 will move up the leaderboard as they earn VIP points, with 15 places paid prize money, ranging between $25 and $800.

This rake race takes place from the 1st of each month until the final day of the month and is only available to VIP club members.

#5. $50 Freerolls every day

vip freerolls

Another offer set aside exclusively for those who earn VIP status is the $50 daily freeroll promotion.

This one needs little explaining. Quite simply, make sure you are a VIP member and you will be rewarded with a free $50 freeroll ticket every day!

As you can see, Natural8 are giving away bundles of cash during July, with all players being able to get their hands on a piece of this promotional money.

If you really want to be involved in every promotion this month though, be sure to earn your way into the VIP club as soon as you can.

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