Jianfeng Sun wins WPT Cambodia Warm Up, Yinfei Xiao leads the Nagaworld Cup

A new week has begun and it’s picking up where the weekend left off: with a lot of poker action at Nagaworld in Phnom Penh.

Cash Games were running hot with up to ten tables yesterday. On the tournament front the World Poker Tour here in Cambodia had only seen the conclusion of one event so far, but more trophies have been awarded today.

The $1,100 Main Event Warm Up champion is Jianfeng Sun

Warm Up winner
Jianfeng Sun

Out of 95 entries in this event, 20 players came back today for Day 2 with Tomaz Kogovsek from Slovenia leading the way with a 263,500 chip stack.

It didn’t take long to reach the money ranks as 12 players were paid and the final table was a truly international spectacle with nine different countries represented. Jakub Kotas from Czech Republic was the first to bust final table and the player who started the day as the chip leader, Tomaz Kokovsek, finished 8th.

The two Skandinavian nationals Stig Erik Billgren (Sweden) and Didrik Andreas Manto (Norway) finished in 7th and 6th respectively.

Natalie Teh shined with a great performance but could only reach rank 5 in this event, taking home $5,529. Pakistan’s Muhammad Shahzad came in 4th and Yao Tay from Singapore 3rd only one hand later.

Heads-up was then battled out between India and China. Indian player Laksh Pal Singh led into the heads-up match, but slowly and steadily Jianfeng Sun managed to add the chips to his own stack.

Finally it came to the deciding hand with a short Singh preflop all-in with Qh10s against Sun’s As8d. The 5c4dJs9hJc board did not improve Singh’s hand and WPT Cambodia found its second side event champion, also from China.

Jianfeng Sun can celebrate with first prize money of $29,234 and a shiny trophy.

Here are the full payouts of the Warm Up:

1 – Jianfeng Sun – China – $29,234
2 – Laksh Pal Singh – India – $17,509
3 – Yao Loon Tay – Singapore – $11,058
4 – Muhammad Hassan – Shahzad – Pakistan $7,142
5 – Siew Po Teh Malaysia – $5,529
6 – Didrik Andreas Mantor Norway – $4,377
7 – Stig Erik Goran Billgren – Sweden – $3,686
8 – Tomaz Kogovsek – Slovenia – $3,225
9 – Jakub Kotas – Czech Republic – $2,924
10 – Kwok Yuen Tai – Malaysia – $2,672
11 – Ngoc Khanh Le – Viet Nam- $2,488
12 – Kuang-Hung Lee – Taiwan, Sar – $2,306

$300 Nagaworld Cup Flight 2 concludes, Yinfei Xiao chip leader

Flight 1 yesterday saw 52 entries and today’s Flight brought 84 entries to the tables. These 136 entries generated a total prize pool of $35,618. Both flights played down to the money, which meant 7 players progressing from yesterday and 11 from today.

Chip leader in Flight 1 was Alexander Hoglind from Sweden with 178,000 and today’s and overall chip leader is YinfeI Xiao from China bagging 206,000 chips.

Chip Leader Cup
Yinfei Xiao

The remaining 18 will come back tomorrow at 1pm to play for a first prize of $9,955 .

Yinfei Xiao – 206,000 – China
Si Yang Phua – 183,000 – Singapore
Tadashi Ogawa – 183,000 – Japan
Alexander Hoglind – 178,000 – Sweden
Deding Xu – 170,600 – China
Sokmeng Hun – 156,000 – N/A
Tan Kok Fya Darian – 138,000 – Malaysia
Michael Norman Wood – 126,000 – USA
Chakshu Deep Raina – 116,000 – India
Jae Kyung Sim – 110,000 – Korea
Baris Yalcinkaya – 106,000 – Turkey
Kangbin Zheng – 91,000 – China
Chi Chung Ho – 82,000 – United Kingdom
Chee Hoong Yeoh – 76,000 – Malaysia
Ravi Shankar Metlapalli – 75,000 – India
Katsuhiro Muto – 67,000 – Japan
Jakub Chludzinski – 40,000 – Poland
Gyula Ryan Revai – 7,000 – Canada

Deepstack Turbo

The only completely new event that started today at 6pm was the $250 Deepstack Turbo (1 re-entry). It attracted 97 entries with 13 making the money and total prize pool of $21,170.

The Deepstack Turbo players were still fiercely battling at the time of writing and it is expected to be a long night for them. We will update on the results on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s Action

Tomorrow will see the conclusion of the Nagaword Cup with Day 2 kicking off at 1pm.

A new event will start at the same time: the $550 Megastack Freezeout (2-day event) and another one at 7pm, a $300 Short Deck (re-entry) tournament.

Players that want to qualify for the $1,100 WPT Cambodia Main Event have two chances on Tuesday, a $60 Hyper Turbo Qualifier at 5pm and a $250 Mega Satellite with 3 seats guaranteed at 8:30pm.

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