Japan’s Matsushita Masafumi takes down record-breaking Manila Megastack 17 Main Event for PHP 3,941,000 (~USD 71,170)


The headlining Manila Megastack 17 Main Event wrapped up its final games after five full days of thrilling action at the PokerStars hub in Okada Manila, Philippines. A strong attendance from both the international and local pool built this season’s Main Event to be the tour’s biggest, with a staggering 870 entries recorded across three starting flights. The impressive turnout generated a PHP 26,582,850 (~USD 480,080) prize pool, well-smashing the PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,830) listed guarantee.

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The Final Day saw Japan’s Matsushita Masafumi emerge victorious after defeating China’s Wu Shenghao in heads up play. Matsushita bagged his career maiden win in a quick final table run and ships PHP 3,941,000 (~USD 71,170) in winnings, the PokerStars spade trophy, and a PHP 105,000 (~USD 1,890) APPT Package for his dominating performance.

Main Event Final Table Recap

Matsushita Masafumi

Following a grueling eleven hours of play across the Day 2 games, the final nine returned to the felt, each guaranteed a minimum payout of PHP 365,000 (~USD 6,590). The final table welcomed a mix of local and foreign contenders, seeing five Asian flags represented for its final round. China’s Wu Shenghao packed in the biggest stack with 49 big blinds to start the day. This however, didn’t stop the other players from getting in on the action with Matsushita Masafumi seen dabbling in several pots early on. 

Within the first twenty minutes, the first casualty was seen with Japan’s Hidaka Yusuke headed for the exit after crashing into Jonald Garcia’s AhAc. Just a couple hands later, fellow Japanese runner Reiji Tsuchiya followed suit, having lost a flip to Wu. The eliminations continued with South Korea’s Jeon Seungsoo being the next to fall in a blind vs blind battle against Matsushita to take seventh place. Remaining to be an action-packed hour, Singapore’s Teo Zi Sheng found himself on the losing end after getting it in with 10h10d against Jan Jason Leoncio’s 9h9s. Leoncio managed to spike his two outer on the flop to take the full double up and continue on. Teo however, was crippled down significantly and railed in sixth place shortly after.

FINAL TABLE19maineventday2236
Main Event Final Table

Within the first hour, the final table turned five-handed with Wu still in the lead. It wasn’t until Wu ran into a cooler situation with his AsKc drawing slim against Matsushita’s AhAc, did he lose the advantage. Matsushita reclaimed chip leader status and stacked over 50% of the chips in play at this point. 

Pressure from the blinds continued to increase and soon saw Philippines’ Raphael Bulaong get it in with 8s8d against Garcia’s AdKh for a flip. Garcia spiked his overcards and knocked Bulaong out in 5th place. Still on the same level, short stacked Leoncio eventually had to risk it with KhQd and lost the race to Matsushita’s Ac4c to exit in 4th.

Matsushita continued to dominate the table three-handed, using his big stack to put ICM pressure on his two opponents. Wu and Garcia soon went head to head and ran two crucial flips for a seven figure pay jump. Wu took the loss on the first one but claimed it back all on the second, leaving Garcia with 3 big blinds behind. Garcia busted shortly, leaving the two to move on to heads up.

Wu Shenghao

The difference in chips was about 11 big blinds when an ICM deal broke through. Wu was guaranteed a slightly bigger loot of PHP 3,944,000 (~USD 71,220) and left aside PHP 200,000 (~USD 3,600), the PHP 105,000 APPT package, and the trophy for the eventual champion. The two went back and forth in stealing blinds up until an action-packed flop showed up on board to turn the tables. Matsushita bagged a full double up after limp calling 4h5h and flopping the nut straight on Ah2h3d vs Wu’s top pair AcQc. Now covering his opponent, Matsushita finished Wu off five minutes later with his QcQs holding up against the latter’s Ad3c. Wu was left to settle for a runner up finish while Matsushita claimed victory and earned the additional prize to boost his total winnings to PHP 3,941,000 (~USD 71,170).

Date: December 7 – 11, 2023
Buy-in: PHP 35,000 (~USD 630)
Guarantee: PHP 10,000,000 (~USD 180,830)
Prize pool: PHP 26,582,850 (~USD 480,080)
Entries: 870
ITM: 133 players

Flight A: 167 entries, 26 qualified
Flight B: 235 entries, 36 qualified
Flight C: 468 entries, 71 qualified

Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Flag Prize (PHP) Prize (USD)
1 Matsushita Masafumi Japan ₱3,941,000* $71,170
2 Wu Shenghao China ₱3,944,000* $71,220
3 Garcia Jonald Philippines ₱2,090,000 $37,745
4 Leoncio Jan Jason Philippines ₱1,570,000 $28,350
5 Bulaong Raphael Philippines ₱1,220,000 $22,030
6 Teo Zi Sheng Singapore ₱905,000 $16,340
I Jeon Seungsoo Korea, South ₱648,000 $11,700
8 Reiji Tsuchiya Japan ₱461,850 $8,340
9 Hidaka Yusuke Japan ₱365,000 $6,590

*Denotes deal was made

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