J88Poker Tour: Catching up with the side events

With the J88Poker Tour 2019 – Main Event – down to the Final 9 players, it’s time to give the side events a bit of attention. Four events have concluded after opening day. We’ve got those results for you below.

Deep Stack Turbo: CHIH YING LIANG

deep stack turbo
Chih Ying Liang

The Deep Stack Turbo drew 147 runners for a prize pool of NT$ 769,986 (~US$25,000). 20 players earned a piece of the pot with Chih Ying Liang claiming the biggest for his victory. Liang pocketed NT$184,896 (~US$6,000).

Top 10 payouts
1st Chih Ying Liang – Taiwan – NT$184,896
2nd En Hao Chan – Taiwan – NT$125,900
3rd Ji Wei Chen – Taiwan – NT$83,200
4th Zhang Zhi Peng – Singapore – NT$68,500
5th Chuan Chang Peng – Taiwan – NT$55,000
6th Sun Shou Peng – Tawan – NT$43,100
7th Tam Hoi Wai – Hong Kong – NT$32,300
8th Edward Yam – Hong Kong – NT$ 23,900
9th Pu Yan – China – NT$18,500
10th Guan Yu Zhang – Taiwan – NT$15,400

Short Deck: TOMMY CHAO

IMG 5203
Tommy Chao and Hsien Pai Tseng

The Short Deck tournament attracted 85 to the felt for a prize pool of NT$ 445,230 (~US$14,500). Only 11 profited. Tommy Chao and Hsien Pai Tseng split the top two prizes down the middle with Chao claiming the trophy for his larger stack.

1st Tommy Chao – Taiwan – NT$104,915 (deal)
2nd Hsien Pai Tseng – Taiwan – NT$104,915 (deal)
3rd Kim Jae Hyuk – Korea – NT$57,000
4th Kim Jiwoon – Korea – NT$43,800
5th Chan Hau Huang – Taiwan – NT$34,700
6th Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – NT$27,100
7th Fung Png Cheong – Hong Kong – NT$21,300
8th Bobby Zhou Xing Hua – Singapore – NT$16,700
9th Guo Yu – China – NT$12,600
10th Nguyen Van Dai – Vietnam – NT$11,100
11th Jung Sang Yup – Korea – NT$11,100


Eemil Tuominen – PLO champion

76 runners took on the Pot Limit Omaha event each one contributing the NT$8,800 buy-in for a prize pool of NT$589,760 (~US$19,100). Taking it to the limit was Finland’s Eemil Tuominen, denying a local the title and the NT$162,260 first prize.

1st Eemil Tuominen – Finland – NT$162,260
2nd Tao Wei Chang – Taiwan – NT$115,300
3rd Kelvin Beattie – Japan – NT$75,500
4th Kim Jiwoon – Korea – NT$58,100
5th UNKNOWN – NT$46,000
6th Che Li Lin – Taiwan – NT$36,000
7th Kwok Chun Lai – Hong Kong – NT$28,300
8th Mahdi – Singapore – NT$22,100
9th Tsai Tsan Wang – Taiwan – NT$16,800
10th Philip Wang – Taiwan – NT$14,700
11th Kim Hyun Jin – Korea – NT$ 14,700

Super KO Bounty: KIM JAE HYUK

Kim Jae Hyuk

The Super KO Bounty drove in 135 to the tables each one hunting down the NT$2,000 bounty per head scalped. The cash prize pool amounted NT$507,590 with 20 paid. Claiming the lion’s share portion of NT$123,700 was Korea’s Kim Jae Hyuk for holding on to his head.

Top 10 Payouts
1st Kim Jae Hyuk – Korea – NT$123,700
2nd Jack Liew – Singapore – NT$84,700
3rd Guan Lun Cheng – Taiwan – NT$55,700
4th Li Chiang Lu – Taiwan – NT$45,900
5th Kim Hak Do – Korea – NT$36,900
6th Anthony Wong – Hong Kong – NT$28,900
7th Tsang Hei Cam – Hong Kong – NT$21,700
8th Ji Wei Chen – Taiwan – NT$16,000
9th Kuo Chen Hung – Taiwan – NT$12,300
10th Chi Chung Ho – Hong Kong – NT$10,300


One of the last events to jump into at the festival was the Pair Event. 18 pairs entered, each one contributing the NT$11,000 entry fee for a prize pool of NT$188,500 (US$6,000). It was a lively tournament that paid out four teams. In the end, it was Taiwan’s Kuan Lin LI and Yang Tsun Yun defeating a Hong Kong pair Edward Yam and Derwin Lai to capture the trophy and NT$79,200.

Kuan Lin Li & Yang Tsun Yun

1st Kuan Lin Li / Yang Tsun Yun – Taiwan – NT$79,200
2nd Edward Yam / Darwin Lai – Hong Kong – NT$52,800
3rd Kim Jae Hyuk / Park Soo Bin – Korea – NT$33,900
4th UNKNOWN – NT$22,600

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