Isildur1 surges to $1.3 million profit to become biggest online winner in 2017

Being fresh off the back of a busy SCOOP schedule, most players would take a break before getting back into the action.

Isildur1 is not most players.

Having had a great SCOOP series, finishing 2nd on the Player of the Series leaderboard, he has hit the high stakes tables in recent weeks, posting over $1 million in profit over the last 13 days alone.


Isildur1 has played more hands than almost anyone else  at these stakes this year, with around 90,000 tracked hands – almost as many as the other top four players combined.


Player Sessions Hands Winnings
Isildur1 633 89716 $1,297,911
Trueteller 430 34179 $972,725
BERRI SWEET 226 14150 $570,930
ActionFreak 391 21061 $399,368
Ravenswood13 396 26938 $392,560

Leaving Trueteller behind

Russia’s Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov has spent much of the year ranked number 1, but after Isildur1’s recent pot dragging rampage, he sits quite far behind the Swedish sensation. Numbers at the time of writing put Trueteller on +$972,725 and Isildur1 on +$1,297,911. This gap has extended quickly on the tide of a noticeable upswing for Isildur1, who has been winning a lot from Germany’s RaulGonzalez at the 8-Game tables lately.

Other notables

While the man who is arguably the most recognizable name in the online world has been swinging up to the tune of around $1 million in the last few weeks alone, topping the 2017 winners list in the process, others have been grinding out their fair share of cash too.

Aside from Trueteller, who consistently does well at the high stakes tables, there is ‘BERRI SWEET’ in 3rd place on the winners list for this year, with +$570,930. ‘ActionFreak’ occupies 4th on the list with +$399,368 and ‘Ravenswood13’ rounds of the list in 5th with +$392,560.

It will be interesting to see if any of these players can mount a challenge to Isildur1’s position in the coming weeks, but when a player of his ability is putting in as many hours as he is, the task begins to look increasingly difficult for the chasing pack.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw