[Interview] Getting to know actor Arden Cho

In July 2023, American actor Arden Cho was spotted at WPT Korea in Jeju Island. Somuchpoker got a chance to interview Cho on her poker hobby.

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Arden Cho

Somuchpoker: How long have you been playing poker and what got you started? 

Arden Cho: I’ve been playing off and on for the last 15 years. I started playing in college because my friends were playing and it’s become a really fun hobby for me.

Somuchpoker: How often do you play?

Arden Cho: I don’t actually play that much poker. I only really play when I am not working or on vacation. Like now, I am taking some time off so I have time to play. I started playing more during the pandemic but before that I wasn’t playing for years.

Somuchpoker: What are some of the things you enjoy most about the game and what keeps you hooked? 

Arden Cho: I enjoy the challenge, I enjoy making the correct reads, I enjoy playing a hand well. I think the challenge is what’s most interesting to me.

Somuchpoker: Do you prefer cash games or tournaments? Live or online?

Arden Cho: I am definitely more of a cash game player. I’m pretty new to tournaments but it’s fun, But not online, I only play live tournaments. Once I started playing tournaments, it’s fun to make a deep run. Last year I reached my first final table, that was really fun and I am hoping to cash a big event one of these days but we’ll see. I’ll keep trying.

Somuchpoker: What is your favorite hand and what gives you the most problems?

Arden Cho: I like pocket Tens but pocket Queens ugh, I always lose with pocket Queens. Literally, I always lose. In tournaments I get it all in against Ace-King and I always lose to the Ace. Queens are really tough.

Somuchpoker: As a celebrity, do you feel people play differently with you at the table?

Arden Cho: Oh yes of course. People are always coming after me. I feel like especially the pros. Even today, every time I open I get 3-bet. I feel like people are always coming after me. But you know if I have the cards, if I run good, it’s great. And of course it’s terrible if I am running bad.

Somuchpoker: What do you find more challenging, acting or playing poker?

Arden Cho: Poker for sure! Acting is my job, I hope I am better at it! Hahaha

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Somuchpoker: This month, you’ve been seen at the tables quite a bit, at the WSOP, WPT One Drop at the Wynn, and here in Korea. What brought you to Asia?

Arden Cho: I was actually planning to be in Korea for a couple of months on vacation and I found out about the WPT Korea event and it just happened to work out with my schedule, and WPT invited me as well. So it was sort of all the cards in the right place i suppose. I love it here, the weather has been great. It’s been great.

Somuchpoker: Are you planning to dedicate more time to live tournament poker? 

Arden Cho: I don’t know. I am just enjoying it right now but for the future, I’m not sure.

Somuchpoker: Last question, would you rather win the WSOP Main Event or win an Oscar?

Arden Cho: Oh win the WSOP Main Event! Let’s gooo! Hahaha

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