Innovations Continue at Major Online Poker Rooms

Flopmania at 888Poker

888Poker has been one of three major online poker rooms shaking up their offerings lately, with Flopmania and Push or Fold Flopmania being their headline innovations. These new games are part of a drive to eliminate parts of the game that slow down or take the fun out of poker.

Flopmania is a relatively simple concept, with players only being required to post an ante, before hole cards and a flop are dealt out. From there, the players simply play the hand out as usual. Push or Fold Flopmania is fairly self-explanatory, with the only difference being that player can only choose to either push all in, or fold.

Some have criticised the fact that an important element of the game has been removed, and this simply takes a portion of the skill away from the game, but for those who love action, there are some clear positives involved.

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Spin & Go Max and Power Up

Spin and Go Max
Spin and Go Max

PokerStars have become well known for change in recent years, and in keeping with that trend, they have added two new game types to their list of offerings. Spin & Go Max basically expands on the established Spin & Go format by randomising the number of players at the table, along with allowing players to pick their own hidden prize. This means that the prize is still randomly selected from one of three, but players won’t know exactly what the prize is until the game has ended. In a further twist, there is a hand countdown feature which activates an all in every hand phase of play once it reaches zero. This doesn’t detract too far from regular Spin & Go’s, and sticks with many of the core concepts, but it will offer something fresh for those who like to gamble.

PokerStars has also been testing another new idea recently called Power Up. This new game has already been tested at play money tables, and is set to be rolled out onto the cash tables before much longer. The details of the game are scarce, but what we do know is that PokerStars are seeking to combine elements of e-sports with poker to create something completely original.

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Partypoker changes its wardrobe

Partypoker new lobby
Partypoker new lobby

Partypoker may not have jumped on board with new game variety developments seen by other rooms lately, but that doesn’t mean it has stood still. Visually, a whole lot has changed when it comes to Partypoker. The lobby, for example has shifted to a new theme and looks very different to its previous incarnation.

This software update also includes small adjustments to help with navigation around the site, with a second upgrade set to arrive before the end of the year. The second update will include improvements to filters and display, along with better tournament lobby information and more table customisation options.

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