India contingent storms WPT Prime Vietnam; Aditya Sushant, Florent Benlloch, Prommin Talordpong, Minh Nguyen, Thanh Hoang win trophies; POF udate


Another packed house at the launch of WPT Prime in Hanoi, Vietnam as it marked the start of series highlight Main Event. There to officially welcome in the players were World Poker Tour and Crown Poker Club teams, WPT Live Events Specialist Danny McDonagh, and club owner Bui Duc Tu. Adding to the room’s high energy were prizes and giveaways to celebrate the brand’s 20th year anniversary.

ENZ 7885

The day wrapped up with18 players out of the 145 Day 1A Main Event entries reaching the money round. Vietnamese player Trung Van Nguyen topped the counts followed by India’s Lakshpal Singh. Singh is one of the 31 player strong Indian force via WPT Platinum Partner Thank God For Poker (TGFP) that descended upon the series two days ago. Fellow countryman Kunal Patni also advanced.

Only two starting days left to join the action. With substantial turnouts seen at every event, there is high confidence that the VN₫ 8 Billion guarantee will be crushed to bits.

DAC 5067
Trung Van Nguyen
ENZ 7357
India represents

Player of the Festival leaderboard update

An update on the Player of the Festival race with several players pulling away from the pack. After 13 completed events, Nguyễn Tú Phương has jumped out front with 800 points. Nguyễn championed the Opener and finished deep at the 8-Max Warm Up in 4th place. At his heels is Mystery Bounty winner Duy Ho just 50 points behind. To round out the top three, is Vu Thai Bao, 90 points behind the leader. Vu has produced incredible results with four side event final tables reached. Plenty of points yet to be won. The player with the highest points accrued at the end of the series will win a US$ 5,000 WPT Passport to any WPT Main Tour of choice. This is one irresistible title.

1st Nguyễn Tú Phương 800
2nd Duy Ho 750
3rd Vu Thai Bao 710
4th Ngo Minh Tien 525
5th Nguyen Duc Thuc 500
6th Nguyen Manh Tuan 475
7th Lê Hải Nam 450
8th Tomokazu Hattanda 450
9th Christopher Mateo 425

8-Max ME Warm Up: FLORENT REMI BENLLOCH – VN₫ 485,000,000 (~US$ 20,928)

ENZ 7664

A thunder of 100 players came out for the 8-Max ME Warm Up and added to the pot were another 28 re-entries. This was the first event attended by the Indian force and among those wreaking havoc were 2018 WPT Vietnam Main Event champion Dhaval Mudgal and 2019 WPTDS India Main Event champion Ashish Munot. By the time the final table was formed, only three Indians remained with Ashish Ahuja going the deepest of 5th place. The title was claimed by the lone French player / heads up specialist Florent Remi Benlloch for his first known live title. Along with the trophy, Benlloch locked up VN₫ 485,000,000 (~US$ 20,928).

ENZ 7606
8-Max Final Table

Leading up to the final table, Bui Duc Tu aka Tobias bulldozed the field, eliminating multiple players to build a massive stack. He carried the momentum deep and looked to be running away with a sure win. However, it was not to be. At four handed, Bui went on downswing until his chips were drained out. After the fall of Opener champion Nguyen Tu Phuong (4th), he followed in 3rd place with Nguyen Quang Huy claiming all of his chips.

tobias chiplead
Bui Duc Tu

Nguyen faced Benlloch backed by a formidable 96 BB stack over the Frenchman’s 31 BB. As the duel progressed, one double up gave Benlloch the slight edge and from there, he never relinquished. The final hand was JcJs holding firm against Ad8s.

Buy in: VN₫ 16,500,000 (~US$ 712)
Entries: 128 (100 unique, 28 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 1,862,400,000 (~US$ 80,362)
ITM: 16 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Florent Remi Benlloch France 485,000,000
2nd Nguyen Quang Huy Vietnam 325,000,000
3rd Bui Duc Tu Vietnam 225,000,000
4th Nguyen Tu Phuong Vietnam 160,000,000
5th Ashish Ahuja India 118,000,000
6th Gaurav Sood India 90,000,000
7th Nguyen Huu Manh Vietnam 71,000,000
8th Alok Birewar India 57,400,000
9th Dang Duy Thanh Vietnam 48,500,000
10th Nguyen Nang Quang Vietnam 48,500,000
11th Shardul Parthasarathi India 42,500,000
12th Nguyen Duy Thuc Vietnam 42,500,000
13th Lakshpal Singh India 38,500,000
14th Le Son Vietnam 38,500,000
15th Sameer Agarwal India 36,000,000
16th Vishal Ojha India 36,000,000

Pot Limit Omaha: ADITYA SUSHANT – VN₫ 155,000,000 (~US$ 6,688)

Great series start for WSOP bracelet champion Aditya Sushant who became the first player from India to grab one of those newly designed side event trophies. Sushant outlasted the 39-entry field defeating fellow Sameer Agarwal at heads up. He pocketed a cool VN₫ 155,000,000 (~US$ 6,688) for his victory.

ENZ 7916
Aditya Sushant

Buy in: VN₫ 11,000,000 (~US$ 475)
Entries: 39 (31 unique, 8 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 378,300,000 (~US$ 16,325)
ITM: 5 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Aditya Sushant India 155,000,000
2nd Sameer Agarwal India 95,000,000
3rd Diep Kyle Bao Quoc An USA 56,300,000
4th Vu Minh Duc Vietnam 42,000,000
5th Hoang Thai Son Vietnam 30,000,000

Megastack NLH: PROMMIN TALORDPONG – VN₫ 228,000,000 (~US$ 9,838)

ENZ 7767

A group of players from Thailand have been rousing up the felt since the start and at the Megastack, Prommin Talordpong clinched it to bring the country its first title in this series. Talordpong dominated the final table, amassing an overwhelming stack by heads up. Despite Nguyen Huu Vinh claiming a double up, the gap was still too big. The dramatic last hand saw a board complete KdQd6s9d10s. Nguyen checked, Talordpong shoved, Nguyen tank-called with Ks6d two pair that was no match for Talordpong’s Js6c straight.

promin champ
Prommin Talordpong

Buy in: VN₫ 5,500,000 (~US$ 237)
Entries: 186 (144 unique, 42 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 717,800,000 (~US$ 30,973)
ITM: 24 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Prommin Talordpong Thailand 228,000,000
2nd Nguyen Huu Vinh Vietnam 156,000,000
3rd To Bao Tuan Vietnam 92,000,000
4th Nguyen Trung Ha Vietnam 56000000
5th Julius Umbraziunas Lithuania 43000000
6th Krishna Wedeesirisak Thailand 36000000
7th Manish Lakhotia India 30500000
8th Tran Van Nang Vietnam 26700000
9th Alok Birewar India 23000000
10th Trinh Dinh Bien Vietnam 19800000
11th Nguyen Truong Giang Vietnam 19800000
12th Pham Hong Phuc Vietnam 19800000
13th Duong Vi Khoa Vietnam 16700000
14th Kimoto Masayoshi Japan 16700000
15th Do Huy Hoang Vietnam 16700000
16th Terry Nguyen Vietnam 13800000
17th Nguyen Thi Hien Hoa Vietnam 13800000
18th Jasven Saigal India 13800000
19th Le Minh Phuc Vietnam 11000000
20th Ashish Munot India 11000000
21st Chirag Sodha India 11000000
22nd Robert Adams Riley Canada 9,000,000
23rd Lakshpal Singh India 9,000,000
24th Mai Van Son Vietnam 9,000,000

Short Deck: MINH ANH NGUYEN – VN₫ 108,000,000 (~US$ 4,660)

Shortdeck champ
Minh Anh Nguyen

Buy in: VN₫ 6,600,000 (~US$ 284)
Entries: 50 (36 unique, 14 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 291,000,000 (~US$ 12,557)
ITM: 7 places

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Minh Anh Nguyen Vietnam 108,000,000
2nd Tomokazu Hattanda Japan 64,000,000
3rd Satoshi Kuriga Japan 39,000,000
4th Pham Ngoc Quoc Bao Vietnam 27,500,000
5th Doan Minh Tuan Vietnam 22,000,000
6th Bui Duc Thien Vietnam 17,500,000
7th Nguyen Minh Quang Vietnam 13,000,000

SuperStack Turbo: HOANG TRUNG THANH – VN₫ 145,800,000 (~US$ 6,291)

ENZ 8141
Hoang Trung Thanh

Buy in: VN₫ 5,500,000 (~US$ 237)
Entries: 186 (144 unique, 42 re-entry)
Prize pool: VN₫ 902,100,000 (~US$ 38,925)
ITM: 24 places

ENZ 8122

Payouts in Vietnamese Dong

1st Hoang Trung Thanh Vietnam 145,800,000
2nd Le Thanh Hai Vietnam 131,600,000
3rd Nguyen Van Cuong Vietnam 120,600,000
4th Nguyen Quy Bang Vietnam 45,000,000
5th Tan Wui Kwang Philippines 35,000,000
6th Thanisorn Saelor Thailand 29,000,000
7th Gurpal Singh India 25,100,000
8th Karan Malhotra India 22,400,000
9th Tomokazu Hattanda Japan 19,700,000
10th Tran Anh Tuan Vietnam 17,000,000
11th Tran Duc Dong Vietnam 17,000,000
12th Keita Minami Vietnam 17,000,000
13th Eunkyoung Lee Korea 14,700,000
14th Ujjwal Narwal India 14,700,000
15th Dong Ha Shin Korea 14,700,000
16th Steven Ho USA 12,500,000
17th Tan Tong Singapore 12,500,000
18th Dhaval Mudgal India 12,500,000
19th Nguyen Ba Huy Vietnam 11,000,000

Stay tuned to Somuchpoker as we bring you daily recaps and highlights of the inaugural WPT Prime Vietnam from start to finish.

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