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As most countries continue the fight against the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, multiple quarantines and lockdowns are strictly being enforced in efforts to curb the spread of the virus. Being stuck at home with very limited options for a few weeks may be a bummer for some, but luckily these mobile applications are here to save the day for poker enthusiasts everywhere. Players who enjoy the game may easily take advantage of the accessibility of these gaming platforms and ultimately control the parameters of their games within a few clicks away.

About Upoker, PPPoker and Pokerbros

Mobile poker gaming applications have quickly gained traction in the poker community, moving at an exponential growth rate across the globe. PPPoker, UPoker and Pokerbros are the three leading modern platforms that allow full customization of home games as well as creation of personal poker clubs.

These applications boast of being player-centered while providing a unique and wholesome game-play experience to their clients.

upoker ppp pokerbrs balls

One of the main features of all three poker applications is that they operate using play money currency.

Another key feature is the variation of poker formats these applications offer to its players. With all three hosting No Limit Hold’em (NLH), Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) and Open-face Chinese (OFC) poker, PPPoker takes the extra step to provide Hold’em Shortdeck games and global satellites for live poker series. Joining PPPoker’s lead, UPoker and Pokerbros also runs multi table tournaments (MTT) and sit ‘n go’s (SNG) for its clientele.

With its highly accessible characteristic being one of its strongest suits, these gaming platforms can easily be downloaded through their respective main websites, Google Play and the App Store.

UPoker, Pokerbros and PPPoker runs on all mobile devices servicing Android, Apple iOS. PPoker and Upoker have Windows desktop version ( not PokerBros)

How to Create a Club and Games

For this tutorial we have selected Upoker to explain how to create a club. To get you started quickly, we have included a step by step, simple explanation with visuals guiding you how to create games.

Please note that for PPPoker as well as Pokerbros, the app-functionality and steps are very similar to Upoker.

The first step is to “Create your Club”, click the “+” in the club tab of the app and continue by giving your club a name.

Upoker create Club 1

After creating and naming your club, the following is visible. You can see Club Name, Club ID (also used to apply for your club), number of members and chips. You are also able to enter a short club introduction.

Please note that you need to pay for several features in Upoker (as well as Pokerbros and PPPoker) such as: (buying) chips, changing club name, extracting reports etc

Upoker create table2

To create a game, please click the “+” and proceed by selecting the game-type (NLH, ShortDeck, PLO or OFC). In this tutorial we will select a NLH Game.

Hold’em Table-Settings

NLH settings

    Select Holdem (game) or MTT (Tournament)
    Enter a name for the table you create
  • CALLTIME function
    This is a feature to prevent “hit and run”, a timer can be set (with steps from 10-120 minutes) where a player is that’s in profit is prohibited to leave the table until the timer ends.
    Also known as “time-bank”, set the time that a player is allowed to “think” before he needs to act during the game (steps from 15-35 seconds)
    Adjust the size of the blinds (stakes), ranging from 1/2 up to 500/1000
    Adjust the Buy-in range from short stack (40 big blinds) all the way up to deepstacks (1000 big blinds)
    Here we can set how tight a player is allowed to play (0-95% VPIP), by adjusting the slider to a bigger percentage, the games are insured of looser players entering and more fun games, where there’s greater participation by all and less tight-playing poker players
    Set the size of the ante in big blinds if you like, if you would like to create a game without ante, leave this to “0”
    Adjust the number of players for a game to “auto-start” (2-9 players)
  • BAN CHAT on/off
    Turn on this function to the pre-set the number of table-extensions, when there are more than 2 players and the table countdown time is less than 10 minutes, the system will auto-extend the table with an extensions that lasts 1 hour. When there are less than 2 players the system will not automatically extend the table
  • AUTO RESTART on/off
    Turn this on to automatically open a new table when the previous table has disbanded

NLH settings V2

    Feature ssed for anti-cheating/collusion (team-play) etc. Default should be “on”. Restricts users entering the same table from an identical GPS location
    Feature used for anti-cheating. Default should be “on”.
    Feature used for anti-cheating. Default should be “on”.
  • INSURANCE on/off
    Feature to give players “an insurance” when going All-in. Note: this costs money
  • FEE
    Setting related to the part that’s being taken from the pot (Adjustable 1-5% fee)
    Set the Cap by the amount of Big Blinds (adjustable 1-5 big blinds) Note: Using the 3.5 – 5x setting will cost you extra diamonds (money)

Now that you have adjusted all settings to your likes, the table can either be “Saved” or “Started” and you are good to go! This is how easy it is to start to create your own private club and host your games on Upoker, PPPoker or Pokerbros.

Getting Started – Tips and Recommendations

Attracting online traffic through social media may be a great way to get more players to join but it is also important to be aware that platforms such as Facebook and Youtube alike usually do not tolerate pages promoting these kinds of activities and may possibly shutdown your account. It is ideal to set up clear rules even if it is merely among friends.

tips pen V2

Assigning one person to be in charge may result in a more organized structure. Not allowing players to buying too many chips or take credit may also prove to be beneficial to eliminate the need of collecting chips once losses are due and essentially lower the risk for club owners. Setting up appropriate and comfortable stakes for every participant is also an excellent way to improve the overall game-play experience.


Somuchpoker’s Activity in PPPoker, UPoker and Pokerbros

For those who are eager to jump in the action, Somuchpoker, in partnership with the poker clubs listed in the links below welcomes all interested players to come in and join. While small clubs may not run as frequent enough to your liking, these reputable clubs host games at all stakes 24/7. Somuchpoker also provides a bankroll guarantee for all three applications to ensure players of their winnings provided no dishonest behavior such as colluding, chip dumping, using prohibited software, bots, etc. was committed.

Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

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