HKPPA wraps up a second Premier League in Taiwan; Kuang “Luke” Lee wins the Main Event

The Hong Kong Poker Players Association has certainly called Taiwan its second home. After staging their first-ever full length festival in the country back in April, the association returned to Taipei City on October 4 to 8 to host its second of the year. Once again the HKPPA Premier League Taiwan took place at the highly popular Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club). It offered an ambitious schedule of 15 events over five quick days.

Among the biggest winners were Kuang “Luke” Lee who displayed prowess at the Main Event, Carlos Chang at the High Roller, and Wayne Heung who pocketed the largest at the Sparrow Invitational. Also prosperous was Edward Yam who added another few cashes to his long list of achievements this year. Yam continues to lead the 2019 Number of Cashes. We have all the festival results for you below.

NT$ 25K Main Event – Kuang “Luke” Lee – NT$ 701,600 (~USD 22,633)

For the second edition of the HKPPA Main Event in Taiwan, the buy-in was increased from NT$ 18,000 (~US$ 580) to NT$ 25,000 (~US$ 810). It ran from October 4 to 7 drawing 190 runners for a pot worth NT$ 4,146,700 (~US$ 133,760). Out of the 26 players that dipped in the money jar, 14 of them were from Hong Kong however the title was not theirs to claim.

After a four-way ICM deal that left NT$ 100K in the pot, the NT$30K CTP Champion Pass, and the iconic HKPPA red sails junk trophy, Taiwan player Kuang “Luke” Lee went on to rise for NT$ 701,600 (~USD 22,633).

Kuang “Luke” Lee
Kuang “Luke” Lee – Photo HKPPA

This was another impressive victory for Lee who now added a third Main Event title to his poker achievements. Back in December 2018, Lee rose from obscurity after winning the inaugural Master Poker Series Main Event. Six months later in June, he final tabled the AJPC Asian Circuit Main Event finishing in 5th place. To close out that month, Lee won the Boyaa Poker Tournament Main Event for his largest live tournament payday of NT$ 1,343,735 (~US$ 43,365). All events were at the CTP Club.

The deep finishes didn’t end there. Lee returned to the CTP Club in mid-August to take on the Poker King Cup Main Event where he made the final table for a 9th place run. In mid-September, he claimed his first cash in Korea at the WPT Korea Main Event finishing 3rd for nearly US$ 41,000.

Also performing well was Taiwan’s Chi Ying Tsai who finished in 8th place. At the first HKPPA Taiwan Main Event, Tsai ran his stack up to 3rd place.

Final 9 payouts

1st Kuang Lee (Taiwan) – NT$ 701,600 (deal made)
2nd Cheuk Fan Ng (Hong Kong) – NT$ 561,100 (deal made)
3rd Lok Tin Chan (Hong Kong) – NT$ 572,900 (deal made)
4th Shyh Chyn Lim (Malaysia) – NT$ 624,600 (deal made)
5th Charles Wong (Hong Kong) – NT$ 244,700
6th Yuen Ho Ching (Hong Kong) – NT$ 195,700
7th Huang Wei (Taiwan) – NT$ 162,600
8th Chi Ying Tsai (Taiwan) – NT$ 130,200
9th Wai Shing Yip (Hong Kong) – NT$ 97,400

Notables in the money

Other players reaching the money were Wayne Heung (10th place), Carlos Chang (15th) Alan King Lun Lau (21st), and Pete Chen (24th). 

Event #5: NT$ 50K Central Cup High Roller Shot Clock – Carlos Chang – NT$ 647,600 (~US$ 20,974) 

39 heavy hitters took on the Central Cup High Roller Shot Clock at NT$ 50,000 (~US$ 1,600) each for a prize pool of NT$ 1,702,300 (~US$ 55,132). Among the sluggers was WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Tang. He went on to cash in 3rd place. Claiming the victory was Taiwan’s Carlos Chang to bring home NT$ 647,600 (~US$ 20,974).

This was Chang’s first win since 2017 however by no means was it his largest. In fact, it was far from his biggest payday. This past summer in July, Chang finished 4th at the WSOP US$ 1500 The Closer Event for six figures worth US$ 189,584. His biggest though was at the APT Macau Asian Series Main Event in 2012 which he triumphed for HK$ 1,913,100 (~US$ 246,600).

1st Carlos Chang (Taiwan) – NT$ 647,600
2nd Chi Jen Chu (Taiwan) – NT$ 397,800
3rd Daniel Tang (Hong Kong) – NT$ 258,300
4th Park Yu Cheung “Sparrow” (Taiwan) – NT$ 176,700
5th Martjin Gerrits (Netherlands) – NT$ 126,800
6th Preston Lee (USA) – NT$ 195,100

Event #11: NT$ 100K Sparrow Invitational Shot Clock 8-max – Wayne Heung – NT$ 970,700 (~US$ 31,517)

The most expensive event of the festival was the NT$100,000 (~US$3,200) Sparrow Invitational Shot Clock 8-max. 22 sparked the action to bring about a prize pool of NT$ 1,984,600 (~US$ 64,400). Only four got paid. Hong Kong’s Wayne Heung banked the top prize worth NT$ 970,700 (~US$ 31,500) for his victory. He out-performed his previous 5th place finish at this same event back in April. This was the single largest payout of the festival.

8 max sparrow
Wayne Heung – Photo HKPPA

2019 has seen Heung become one of the strongest contenders at the high rollers felt. In March, Heung won the WPT Vietnam Super High Roller for over US$ 86,000; in April, he placed 5th at the APPT Incheon Korea Super High Roller and 3rd at the APL Taiwan High Roller to take home a combined US$ 50K. The following month, he won the APL Vietnam High Roller for US$ 61,000. To date, Heung has three High Roller titles earned.


1st Wayne Heung (Hong Kong) – NT$ 970,700
2nd Stephen Lai (Hong Kong) – NT$ 520,700
3rd Alan King Lun Lau (Hong Kong) – NT$ 302,600
4th Wong Ho Long (Hong Kong) – NT$ 190,600

Edward Chun Ho Yam wins two events

Currently leading The Hendon Mob 2019 Most Cashes is Hong Kong’s own Edward Chun Ho Yam. His recent runs earned him two victories, 1st at Event #1: NT$ 6K Mongkok Cup Warm Up for NT$ 121,700 (~US$ 3,900) and 1st at Event #9: NT$ 5K Ultimate Knockout for NT$ 57,900 (~US$ 1,900). He nearly won a third at Event #6: NT$1K Wong Tai Sin Cup Flip Out event finishing 2nd for NT$ 39,400 (~US$ 1,300). With his latest three cashes he is now at 111, 73 of those picked up in Taiwan.

Other Events 

Event #2: No Limit Hold’em – Lautau Peak Cup

Buy-in: NT$ 11,000 (~US$ 360)
Entries: 43
Prize pool: NT$ 417,100 (US$ 13,500)
ITM: 7 places
Winner: Ko Ngai Ka (Hong Kong) – NT$ 143,300 (~US$ 4,600)

Event #3: No Limit Hold’em – Kwun Tong Cup

Buy-in: NT$ 4,500 (~US$ 150)
Entries: 72
Prize pool: NT$ 279,300 (~US$ 9,000)
ITM: 11 places
Winner: Chia Yun Wu (Taiwan) – NT$ 84,300 (~US$ 2,700)

Event #4: No Limit Hold’em – Lion Rock Cup

Buy-in: NT$ 9,000 (~US$ 290)
Entries: 131
Prize pool: NT$ 1,029,200 (~US$ 33,300)
ITM: 17 places
Winner: Chia Hsiang Ko (Taiwan) – NT$ 275,300 (~US$ 8,900)

Event #6: Wong Tai Sin Cup (Flip Out)

Buy-in: NT$ 1,000 (~US$ 32)
Entries: 270
Prize pool: NT$ 233,800 (~US$ 7,700)
ITM: 27 places
Winner: Ka Fai Wong (Hong Kong) – NT$ 56,000 (~US$ 1,800)

Event  #7: Pot Limit Omaha Knockout

Buy-in: NT$ 4,500 (~US$ 150)
Entries: 52
Prize pool: NT$ 201,760 (~US$ 6,500)
ITM: 8 places
Winner: Seng Lei Tang (Hong Kong) – NT$ 30,600 (~US$ 990)

Event #8: No Limit Hold’em – Garden Hill Cup

Buy-in: NT$ 4,000 (~US$ 130)
Entries: 86
Prize pool: NT$ 300,300 (~US$ 9,700)
ITM: 13 places
Winner: Chun Man Pang (Hong Kong) – NT$ 90,100 (~US$ 2,900)

Event #10: Pot Limit Omaha

Buy-in: NT$ 5,000 (~US$ 160)
Entries: 28
Prize pool: NT$ 122,200 (~US$ 3,400)
ITM: 4 places
Winner: Wai Shing Yip (Hong Kong) – NT$ 59,800 (~US$ 1,900)

Event #12: No Limit Hold’em – Leighton Hill Cup

Buy-in: NT$ 4,000 (~US$ 130)
Entries: 58
Prize pool: NT$ 202,500 (~US$ 6,600)
ITM: 8 places
Winner: Wing Fai Kwan (Hong Kong) – NT$ 63,500 (~US$ 2,000)

Event #13: No Limit Hold’em – BB KO

Buy-in: NT$ 11,000 (~US$ 360)
Entries: 65
Prize pool: NT$ 630,500 (~US$ 20,470)
ITM: 9 places
Winner: Chien Hui Chiang (Taiwan) – NT$ 12,500 (~US$ 3,600)

Event #14: Mixed Omaha (4-card PLO, 5-card PLO)

Buy-in: NT$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 45
Prize pool: NT$ 218,200 (~US$ 7,100)
ITM: 7 places
Winner: Lloyd Fontillas (Philippines) – NT$ 74,900 (~US$ 2,400)