Highlights of the AJPC Asian Circuit Taiwan 2019

The AJPC Asian Circuit in Taiwan has come to a conclusion and we are delivering you the highlights of this festival.

It was a 10-event festival running from 5th to 9th June at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association in Taipei.

The Main Event (Event #3)

Main Event 1
Shingo Horikoshi – Credit AJPC

The NTD 20,000 (USD 637) Main Event kicked off on 6th June and had three starting flights, two of them on 7th June. The Main Event came to a finish on 9th June with Japan’s Shingo Horikoshi scooping the NTD 672,560 (USD 21,443) first prize.

Main Event
Main Event Final Table – Credit AJPC

Here are the results of the 9-handed final table:

1st       Shingo Horikoshi – NTD 672,560  (USD 21,443)
2nd     Akihiro Yamada – NTD 448,200  (USD 14,290)
3rd      Chang Chung – TD 290,000  (USD 9,246)
4th      Chi Chu – NTD 224,100  (USD 7,145)
5th      Kuang Lee – NTD 184,500  (USD 5,882)
6th      San Hsiao – NTD 151,600  (USD 4,834)
7th      Kun Lee – NTD 125,200  (USD 3,992)
8th      Seiji Hamajima – NTD 98,800    (USD 3,150)
9th      Tomoyuki Yoshimiya – NTD 72,500    (USD 2,312)

Opening Event (Event #1)

Tsang Hang – Credit AJPC

The NTD 10,000 (USD 318) buy-in Opening Event for the festival saw 98 entries over two starting flights on Wednesday, 5th June.

This created a prize pool of NTD 855,540 (USD 27,239) to be fought over the day after, ultimately at a 10-handed final table.

Tsang Hang from Hong Kong finally won the event for a NTD 227,040 (USD 7,229) payday.

1st       Tsang Hang – NTD 227,040  (USD 7,229)
2nd     Pin Huang – NTD 154,000  (USD 4,903)
3rd      Hao Wu – NTD 102,600  (USD 3,267)
4th      Chin Wei – NTD 81,200    (USD 2,585)
5th      Kun Lee – NTD 64,100    (USD 2,041)
6th      Victor Wong – NTD 55,600    (USD 1,770)
7th       Kam Yang – NTD 47,000    (USD 1,496)
8th       Wen Wu – NTD 38,500    (USD 1,226)
9th       Yuan Lee – NTD 30,000    (USD 955)
10th     Wu Po Yi – NTD 21,300    (USD 678)

Other winners

Event #4 – NTD 6,000 (USD 190) AJPC KO Bounty

Pan Yun – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 115,424 (USD 3,680)
Entries: 48
Winner: Pan Yun – NTD 48,924 (USD 1,560)

Event #5 – NTD 6,000 (USD 190) NLH Hyper Turbo

Wu Po Yi
Wu Po Yi – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 162,378 (USD 5,177)
Entries: 31
Winner: Wu Po Yi – NTD 60,278 (USD1,922)

Event #6 – NTD 15,000 (USD 478) Samurai (10% ITM)

Kenji Hamamoto
Kenji Hamamoto – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 877,365 (USD 27,973)
Entries: 67
Winner: Kenji Hamamoto – NTD 301,765 (USD 9,621)

Event #8 – NTD 10,000 (USD 318) AJPC x CTP 10,000 NLH Turbo

Ka Mak
Ka Mak – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 232,010 (USD 7,397)
Entries: 37
Winner: Ka Mak – NTD 110,010 (USD 3,507)

Event #9 – NTD 10,000 (USD 318) Megastack

Chao Chng
Chao Chng – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 637,290 (USD 20,326)
Entries: 73
Winner: Chao Chng – NTD 175,590 (USD 5,600)

Party & Flip Out – NTD 1,000 (USD 32)

Ricky Cheung
Ricky Cheung – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 96,030 (USD 3,062)
Entries: 110
Winner: Ricky Cheung – NTD 26,630 (USD 849)

Event #10 – NTD 6,000 (USD 190)AJPC Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Daisuke Ogita
Daisuke Ogita – Credit AJPC

Prize pool: NTD 303,804 (USD 9,690)
Entries: 58
Winner: Daisuke Ogita – NTD 89,304 (USD 2,848)

Article by Christin Maschmann

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Christin Maschmann

Besides being a passionate poker player Christin Maschmann has been working in different functions in the poker industry for over a decade. She worked as a Content & Community Manager for the poker school IntelliPoker, wrote articles for the PokerStars Blog and appeared as a host on the German poker show PokerToday. Christin is professionally trained in video and audio editing and creates content for YouTube, Social Media and iTunes. She also wrote a book about her experiences in Las Vegas.

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