High roller action on CoinPoker turns heads – $7.7M pot recorded!

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Action has been buzzing on the revolutionary blockchain-technology focused platform in recent weeks garnering everyone’s attention and attracting the industry’s burliest bankrolls onto the virtual felt. High stakes regulars such as Tony G, Leon Tsoukernik, Timofey “Trueteller” Kuznetsov, and Laszlo Butjas have filled up the seats in latest games where six-figure flips and million dollar pots were seemingly ordinary circumstances.

Record-breaking online poker pot valued at $7.7M

While last February 12 was a typical Saturday for many, the festivities on CoinPoker’s Pot Limit Omaha cash games were clearly on a different scale. The high roller action on the budding site made poker headlines less than a month ago after it broke the longstanding record for the biggest online poker pot in history between Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Patrik Antonius back in 2009. The $1.3M pot played out over a decade ago at then leading site Full Tilt Poker’s $500/$1,000 PLO where the Finnish pro bagged the million dollar score.

The staggering pot recorded last January on the cryptocurrency site saw Lithuanian founder Tony G and Leon Tsoukernik split the $1,820,783 hand at slightly higher stakes of $1,000/$2,000. Little did everyone know that the following weeks would only brew more expensive and even crazier action. A number of $2 million pots were seen left and right throughout the next three weeks with this Saturday’s $7,750,652 pot between Tony G and online player “HannibalGetya” remaining to be the highlight of the season.


The striking hand occurred at a three-handed $5,000/$10,000 PLO game where “HannibalGetya” was at the big blind and Tony G opened a $35,703 raise from the button. Small blind “Chattahoochee” called behind and “HannibalGetya” three-bet to $148,812. Both players call and a wet flop of QcAh10c showed quickly. Following a check from the small blind, “HannibalGetya” continued with a half pot bet of $225,818 to which was answered with a call from Tony G and a fold from “Chattahoochee”. The turn revealed an 8h and a pot sized bet of $903,275 from “HannibalGetya”. Tony G jammed for the rest of his stack, a total of $3,423,688 and was snap called by “HannibalGetya”. The generated pot grew to a whopping $7.7M with Tony G with the best hand of JdKs3sQh for a flopped nut straight. A 4d completed the board, offering no help to “HannibalGetya”’s Qd4cAc3d flush and full house draw.

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Just days prior, multiple two million dollar pots and $400,000 flips have been giving the audience more excitement than ever as viewers tune in to poker superstars like Timofey Kuznetsov playing under the username “ATAKA” and Hungarian pro Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas battle it out against unidentified high roller “HannibalGetya” among others. While Kuznetsov went through a massive downswing, it is definitely not too late to turn things around considering “HannibalGetya”’s revelation of holding 25,000 ETH (~$93M) via the site’s chat feature. Whether true or not, it is clear that high roller action on CoinPoker’s cash games have nowhere else to go but up as juicier games continue to give thrill-seeking poker fans the exhilarating experience they are looking for.

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