Hanoi Super Series: Đinh Đức Linh wins the Megastack, takes command of POS race; Teddy Pham and Kyungjin Lee win trophies


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With the Main Event underway, at the side games, another three players walked away proud owners of inaugural Hanoi Super Series trophies. The biggest winner of the batch was Megastack champion Đinh Đức Linh. Linh has now taken command of the HSS Player of the Series race. Joining him on the pedestal were Roller Single Day winner Teddy Pham and the first Korea Mind Game Member (KMGM) champion, Kyungjin Lee who topped the Superstack Turbo. We’ve got those results for you down below.

The ongoing festival is the first of its kind with games running from November 28 to December 5 at the Grand Loyal Poker Club. This is the club’s last big series of the year so make sure to come out and try to grab one of the last remaining trophies.

Hanoi Super Series – FULL SCHEDULE

Player of the Series leaderboard

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The Player of the Series race is heating up with a new face up top. Đinh Đức Linh has overtaken Đinh Quang Huy after his victory at the Megastack. There are plenty of points to be earned with a total of 10 point generating events scheduled. At the end of the series, the player with the most points accrued will win a special trophy and a ticket worth ₫8,800,000 to the WPC II Kick Off Event. Second in points will receive $100 and a special trophy. To qualify, players must have participated in at least three point-generating events, satellites are not included.

Event 3: Megastack ₫1B gtd – ĐINH ĐỨC LINH – ₫370,000,000 (~$15,185)

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The second HSS event with a guarantee extended was the Megastack with ₫1B in tow, and with 177 turning up, it easily broke past that figure for a richer prize pool of ₫1,373,520,000. The top 22 shaved respective cuts with Vietnam’s Đinh ĐứC Linh deserving the largest piece for his victory. Linh pocketed a career high ₫370,000,000 (~$15,185), and his known live event title. The achievement also earned Linh the top spot in the Player of the Series race. 

Buy in: ₫8,800,000 (~$355)
Guarantee: ₫1,000,000,000 (~$41,040)
Entries: 177
Prize pool: ₫1,373,520,000 (~$56,370)
ITM: 22 places

1 Đinh ĐứC Linh Vietnam 370,000,000
2 NguyễN ĐứC Hòa Vietnam 235,000,000
3 Đào NgọC ThắNg Vietnam 150,000,000
4 PhạM Quang Văn Vietnam 111,000,000
5 Lê ViệT Hưng Vietnam 85,000,000
6 Yu Je Nam Korea 67,000,000
7 PhạM Duy Hưng Vietnam 52,000,000
8 Mun Jungu Korea 40,000,000
9 Hoàng Minh HiếU Vietnam 31,520,000
10 TrầN Thanh Hưng Vietnam 24,000,000
11 NguyễN Duy Tùng Vietnam 24,000,000
12 PhạM ĐứC HạNh Vietnam 24,000,000
13 Phan Hoàng TiếN Vietnam 19,000,000
14 Park Soo Rin Korea 19,000,000
15 Bùi QuốC DiệN Vietnam 19,000,000
16 Feng Yu China 16,000,000
17 PhạM Duy Khánh Vietnam 16,000,000
18 Vũ Thái BảO Vietnam 16,000,000
19 Kang Byungjin Vietnam 14,000,000
20 NguyễN Minh ĐứC Vietnam 14,000,000
21 NguyễN Thái CườNg Vietnam 14,000,000
22 Choi Inkyun Vietnam 13,000,000

TEDDY PHAM breaks the runner up curse at the High Roller Single Day

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A very familiar face made headlines, Pham Quyet Tien aka Teddy Pham, who bested the 42 runners of the High Roller Single Day. Pham is no stranger to final tables but winning has been a challenge with four runner up finishes at previous festivals. That curse has now been lifted with a trophy to commemorate the special moment. To seize the win, the final 3 players struck a deal then flipped for it. Luck was on Pham’s side for his first victory this year. Watch the final table race via the Grand Loyal Poker Club facebook page.

Buy in: ₫33,000,000 (~$1,350)
Entries: 42
Prize pool: ₫1,222,200,000 (~$50,162)
ITM: 6 places

1 Teddy Phạm Vietnam 497,200,000*
2 Đặng Quyền Anh Vietnam 281,000,000*
3 Kim Hyunkyu Korea 164,000,000*
4 Hwang Seong Il Korea 116,000,000
5 Lee Seok Young Korea 91,000,000
6 Nguyễn Quang Huy Vietnam 73,000,000

*Three way payout deal not reflected

Event 5: Superstack Turbo – KYUNGJIN LEE – ₫100,000,000 (~$4,105) *deal not reflected

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The HSS may be dominated in numbers by locals but at the Superstack Turbo, it was Korea overpowering with 7 out of 8 Koreans getting paid. Claiming the biggest cut was Kyungjin Lee who was awarded his first ever Vietnam title after a heads up deal with Jin Youngbae. This was Korea’s first win of the series.

Buy in: ₫5,500,000 (~$225)
Entries: 61
Prize pool: ₫295,805,000 (~$12,140)
ITM: 8 places

1 Kyungjin Lee Korea 100,000,000*
2 Jin Youngbae Korea 59,000,000*
3 Kim Hyunmook Korea 41,500,000
4 Park Jungwoo Korea 31,000,000
5 Seo Younghun Korea 23,500,000
6 Hwang Kyudong Korea 17,500,000
7 TrầN Thanh Hưng Vietnam 13,000,000
8 Song Jin Su Korea 10,350,000

*Heads up payout deal not reflected


*All images courtesy of Grand Loyal Poker Club

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