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A new game has emerged within recent years and has quickly gained popularity across the world with leading operators such as the World Series of Poker including the so-called variant in their scheduled games. Adding a new flair to modern poker, Six-plus Hold’em or otherwise known as Short Deck, follows similar rules with the traditional Hold’em in terms of streets but with a significant difference in gameplay and hand strength. Unlike the regular variant, the latest game utilizes a 36-card deck instead of the usual 52, taking away cards ranging from deuce to five. Other minute details such as a flush having a higher ranking than a full house, three of a kind beat a straight in some games, an ace playing as a five for the lowest straight and so on ultimately change the dynamic of the game.

Short-Deck Poker (Sixplus Hold’em)

Originated in 2014 from the high-stakes live poker scene in Asia, Short Deck was promoted soon after by poker icons Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, introducing the game to the masses. The newly evolved game was a smashing hit in cash games around the region with its draw-heavy action and overall, better starting hands. Numerous poker pros flew in to test their luck and take a piece of the action, further increasing the game’s popularity across the poker community. With the breakthrough of the game seemingly a success, online poker sites saw an opportunity to bring back the fun and action in its virtual tables as previously seen in its early years. Unfortunately, Short Deck’s online poker action remains inconsistent depending on the platform in use given its relatively new presence. Somuchpoker aims to shed some light on the budding game and provide a guide to finding the best short deck games available online in 2020.

While the highest traffic and softest games can generally be seen on regulated networks, GGPoker and mobile applications PPPoker and KKPoker, Short Deck can likewise be found on other platforms such as partypoker, Winning Poker Network (WPN) and iPoker Network. Listed below are more info on the best sites to play Short Deck and a detailed comparison on the pros and cons of each platform.

Best Networks/Apps to play Short Deck Poker (Six-Plus Hold’em)

Natty8 6Plus

1. GGPoker Network – Natural8 (and other skins)

GGPoker network – Natural8 has been one of the fastest growing platforms in the online poker scene. Launched only in 2014 for the Asian market, the platform quickly extended its presence throughout the global market the years following. Aside from signing big name ambassadors, GGPoker network captured the attention of the poker community when it partnered with the WSOP brand in hosting the biggest tournament series in online poker history. Rising in popularity, the platform has the highest recorded traffic among established networks for the Short Deck variant, in addition to its action-packed cash games from micro to the highest stakes available online. Recreational and professional players alike take advantage of its great rakeback deals, no third-party tools and bountiful tournament offerings.

Natty8 Lobby 6plus

  • Traffic: Good (Biggest traffic among all the established/ regulated networks)
    • Pros: Established player pool, Good Traffic, Excellent Rakeback Deal via SMP, Multiplatform
    • Cons: No tools (HUD etc) allowed, tougher field
  • Countries available: Lot of locations to play from (Contact us for verification)
  • Exclusive deal with SMP: Contact us for more information

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2. KKPOKER (Poker application)

KKPoker is a fairly new independent real money gaming network licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission just last July 2019. Running soft games with a low rake of 5% and a three big blind cap, KKpoker grew to be a great option for players looking to jump in the online poker action. Aside from its high profitability and soft player pool, the platform boasts of its wide variety of tables with NLH, Short Deck, PLO, PLO5 and OFC games available. The application’s multi-tabling function also ensures there is no dull moment when playing its games which allow up to three tables to run simultaneously on your device.

KK Poker 6plus lobby

  • Traffic: Good
    • Pros: Soft games, relatively more Asian gamblers
    • Cons: Limited for mobile use, No emulator, Only paid in-app HUD available
  • Countries available: Multiple restrictions for real money gaming. See complete list to confirm
  • Exclusive deal with SMP: Contact us for more information

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PPPoker Howto Header

3. PPPOKER (Poker application)

The convenience and easy accessibility of these poker applications have brought these platforms a continuously growing audience in recent years. Widely used since it was launched in 2016, PPPoker has successfully built a safe gaming platform for millions of poker players from over 100 countries worldwide. Over dozens of clubs or virtual poker rooms are quickly accessible (see list below), making gaming simply a click away. Like KKPoker, PPPoker runs a wide variety of games with NLH, Short Deck, PLO, PLO5 and OFC tables available 24/7.

Kings 6plus Lobby Table

  • Pros: Soft games, Tools available (HUD etc.), Dynamic environment (New clubs etc.)
  • Cons: Requires a trustworthy agent to play these apps/clubs. (Contact SMP to sign up)
  • Countries available: All countries permitted
  • Exclusive deal with SMP: SMP offers attractive rakeback deals for all clubs! Contact us for more information

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Party 6Plus

4. Partypoker

Partypoker has been around for almost two decades, with the platform even being the largest online poker card room at some point. Throughout the years, partypoker has well established itself in the online poker scene as one of the leading and highly trusted operators currently available. While the platform hosts a variety of games including Short Deck, the tougher field and exclusion of Asian and U.S. markets has diminished the overall traffic seen on the daily. A seven-day traffic average of 1,400 players has been recorded for the platform, a fraction only of rival operators’ traffic reports. Notable tournaments such as World Poker Tour events and their very own record breaking single $20 million guaranteed event, however, are still evident in its annual scheduled series despite the decreased player pool.

Party 6plus Lobby

  • Traffic: Fair
    • Pros: Established safe network, Good rakeback deals (Via SMP), Available on multiple platforms
    • Cons: Anonymous Tables, Tougher field, Action can be limited
  • Countries available: Asian/ USA market excluded, Contact us for more details
  • Exclusive deal with SMP: Contact us for more information

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Given the attention Short Deck or Six-plus Hold’em has received since it originated, online poker operators have adjusted their respective games to include the latest variant into their schedules.

Aside from the platforms noted above, other networks such as the Winning Poker Network (WPN) and iPoker Network have also begun to run Short Deck tables across their sites. WPN, which supports several of the best poker rooms in the world including Americas Cardroom,,, and, have continuously accepted players in the U.S. unlike other leading sites. Ipoker Network on the other hand, is one of the oldest poker networks on the market which runs a total of eighteen different skins under its hold. Betfair, RedStar, Guts Poker, Titan and so on are some of the more known sites listed under the operating network.

Overall, the game’s exciting and fresh take on the regular Texas Hold’em has intrigued the minds of many poker enthusiasts. Majority of these players are eager to learn more about the latest variant while skill and strategy tactics are still a long way from being overly developed. Beginners looking to jump in the action can definitely take advantage of the situation and explore the dynamics of the fun game themselves.

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