GGPoker unveils ClubGG as it enters the growing poker applications market

Launched only in 2014, GGPoker has exceptionally captured everyone’s attention in the recent year, pushing it to become the third highest traffic recorded platform. The aggressive newcomer while initially focused on the Asian market has successfully grown to be one of the largest globally recognized poker providers at the moment. With its 2020 partnership with WSOP a smashing success, the leading network has further solidified its reputation and trust within the community, gaining a sense of prestige apart from its competitors.

Club-based poker application, ClubGG now available

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The fastest rising network, GGPoker managed to surprise everyone when it increased its average traffic nearly three-fold in just a short span of a year. More than 4,000 concurrent seats are evident in the widely popular platform, making it a fierce competitor for the industry’s top poker room of over a decade.

With an already established fan base, the brand additionally launched its standalone mobile application to make up for the lack of a home game feature in its GGPoker platform. ClubGG, now available worldwide in both the Apple app store and Google Play Store, is currently on beta testing and is yet to be officially released. A first look at the new mobile application shows a very similar interface with the GGPoker application but operates under the same agent-based model as other social poker applications.

Joining the likes of PPPoker, PokerBros, KKPoker and so on, ClubGG enables its users to set up their own private games and runs an in-game currency of Diamonds. On some of them real money in-app purchases are likewise supported in exchange for the play money currency used in gameplay. Mainly inspired by that of the exponentially growing private poker applications, GGPoker is clearly taking a stab at capturing the mobile market as well.

Big potential for ClubGG

The rise in popularity of these applications is majorly drawn from the convenience and accessibility it essentially provides to the expanding player pool. With its limitless reach, players all across the globe are welcome to jump in and join the action on the virtual felt any time of the day. While more issues arise as compared to that of the regulated poker sites, ClubGG has taken on a necessary security team in place to protect its users. The fresh mobile application is also believed to easily encourage more users and recreational players to engage in its table offerings given that it is backed by the GGNetwork.

As the poker applications market remains relatively new, there is undeniably room for growth and improvement. ClubGG’s take is an exciting page waiting to unfold and while the network is keen on holding its own market share, its entrance to the club-based scene is no doubtedly very much welcome. With the application expected to officially launch in the near future, interested players can tune in to Somuchpoker for the latest updates, club offers and promotions available.

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