Fedor Holz back in business with training and Triton

As the lead character in one of poker’s most lucrative winning-streak stories, Fedor Holz has become one of the more interesting players of recent times.

This interest was later compounded by the enigmatic announcement of his retirement shortly after. Seemingly conflicted in his appreciation for the game, Holz then swung back and forth between keeping a low profile and winning giant scores, making for what is perhaps the most profitable retirement ever seen in poker.

Fedor Holz partpoker
Fedor Holz – Photo

If anyone has been wondering which side of that retirement plan Holz’s pendulum is currently visiting, an announcement yesterday made things clear. The tweet from Triton named Antanas Guoga (Tony G) and Holz as participants in the Triton Super High Roller £1 million event scheduled for London in September and let us all know that Holz is firmly back in the working world. Not only that, but he is sharing his skill set with others in a training course called “Pokercode”.

£1 million Triton: Tony G invites Fedor Holz

The latest instalment of the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series has been attracting plenty of attention lately, with invited recreational players being announced daily, swiftly followed by guest announcements. The latest pair of names to be released has aroused particular interest, with brash businessman Tony G and German semi-retired superstar Fedor Holz now added to the roster.

While his recent tournament winnings have been very limited, Holz will not be entirely rusty when it comes to tournament poker, having played a few events at this year’s WSOP. Holz confirmed via Twitter that he had played the $50K Holdem event and the Main Event, although he did not manage to cash either. He is certainly due a cash however, with his previous one having come in November 2018.

Launching his online poker course: Pokercode

Having crushed High Roller tournaments over the last few years, Holz has now decided to share his secrets with the poker world. There is, of course a price tag attached, with the 60+ lectures being valued at $1,549 per student.

There is a current discount of $400 on that number though and Holz has been busy promoting the course on social media in recent months. The material produced for the course comes through a collaboration with Matthias Eibinger, with Holz claiming to have done more work on poker theory in the last year than he ever did in the previous three years. He credits that work as being the driving force which inspired him to get back to the tables.

As one of the most successful High Roller players in modern times, Holz’s poker course is certainly interesting to those who have that kind of money laying around. According to the German pro, players have already come up to him at the World Series to say they have bought it. For the rest of us mere mortals who are unable to afford the course, we shall have to be content with watching Holz put those pricey skills to work against a fascinating field in London when September rolls around.

Article by Craig Bradshaw